Monday, September 28, 2015

Revlon Moisture Matte (005 Parisian Passion)
My thoughts on the highly pigmented gloss after wearing it just once.

i have been keeping a look out for these lip gloss ever since they made their debut last year. i didn't buy it immediate because 1) i wasn't in the right condition or mindset to wear makeup last october, 2) the price is too jarring.

each pop costs SGD 20.90 normally.

i got it a few days ago as it had a 50% discount. it's a weekly special at watsons, so i took my chance and made my long awaited purchase. there's only one shade that have captured my heart since a year ago, so i brought it home.

Revlon Moisture Matte (005 Parisian Passion)  watch
005 PARISIAN PASSION is a deep purplish-berry shade. 

similar to the maybelline lip polish/elixir and innisfree creamy tint lip mousse, this lip gloss-lip balm hybrid has shine of a lip gloss, the colour of a lipstick, and the moisturizing capability of a lip balm.

COLOUR: you can call it a burgundy shade, to me it's more like a purplish-wine shade. 005 parisian passion doesn't contain any shimmer or glitter.

PIGMENTATION: the gloss is rather pigmented. one layer gave me a translucent wash of colour (photo below) while two coats fully coloured my lips (as seen above).

FINISH: it has a glossy finish.

PACKAGING: the colour of the squarish tube reflects the colour of the product within. i think it's quite true to how it looks on my lips!

Revlon Moisture Matte (005 Parisian Passion) swatch
a paddle applicator with a tapered end for precise application. the colour payoff is good and that's just one coat of product!

TEXTURE: a very thick liquid, some skills are required to spread it out evenly over my lips. thanks to the stickiness, it adheres to the skin very well. when i smack my lips, they didn't stick together like i had expected it to do so (as with the revlon ultimate suede lipstick), which is a pleasant surprise for me.

does it stain? see for yourself!

STAINING POWER: it stained my bare lips pretty well within 10 minutes. the longer i have it long, the darker the stain. i love the natural look of my wine stained lips! (note: my lips are clean and bare prior to application)

FORMULA: the product is very hydrating and can be worn on its own (without any lip balm). in fact, i think it's best to start off with a pair of bare lips if you want to get stained well. the viscosity of the product allows it to be spread out evenly, thus ensuring an even stain. even though it adheres well to the skin, it isn't overly sticky.

STAYING POWER: the gloss itself isn't long lasting, but the stain is.

SCENT: lightly scented, i can't quite pin point what's the smell but it doesn't smell unpleasant.

Revlon Moisture Stain (005 Parisian Passion)  swatch
taken under yellow/warm lighting

Revlon Moisture Stain (005 Parisian Passion)  swatch
taken under white/cool lighting

HOW TO PERFECT YOUR APPLICATION: when i said some skills are required to fully maximise the benefit of this product, i just mean for you to utilise the paddle applicator for a perfect application. i find that the best way to apply this new kind of liquid balm (similar to the maybelline lip polish/elixir and innisfree creamy tint lip mousse) is to use enough force to smooth the product over your lips. lip smacking pre-maturely may result in an patchy application. also, make sure your lips are clean and bare without a trace of lip balm for the best application experience.

OTHER PRECAUTIONS: you may also want to dip the applicator slowly back into the tube to prevent over spilling of the product because the thickness of it will increase the risk of trapping air and thus, spilling out of the tube. you don't want to get this sticky mess onto anywhere that's not your lips.

VERDICT: a lovely formula with amazing colour payoff. i love how it moisturizes my lip which packing the colour on so intensely. i would prefer it to the loreal shine caresse glossy stain as the former is more hydrating and pigmented. one layer of product gives you about 70% of the colour, but if you're aiming for super dark lips, two coats might be necessary.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

It will look good on any eye shapes and types

one of the good news about my skin recovering well is that i'm finally able to go out to meet new friends again! this is a look i wore for a first date - it's supposed to be minimal and fun, and to enhance my features.

i did away with my usual brown eye shadows because i didn't want any shadows on my eyes at all - i want them as bright and sparkly as possible. the dash of pink under my eyes is my way of making the look more fun and cute.

fair enough, i actually went with a pair of nude lips that night because most guys don't respond well to bright lip colours. but for this video, i put on one of my favourite lip colour because I LOVE IT.

watch the video below!


madokeki makeup cosme cosmetics dolly wink kate canmake maybelline loreal daiso

1. KATE mineral foundation powder (OC-B)
2. CANMAKE glow fleur cheeks (04)
3. PANASONIC heated lash curler EH2300
4. DOLLYWINK long mascara 
5. LOREAL color riche lipstick (P511 touch of amaranth)
6. HEROINE MAKE smooth liquid liner (black)
7. MAYBELLINE masterliner (brown)
8. KATE designing eyebrow N (EX-4)
9. MAYBELLINE hyperdiamond shadow (PK-1)
10. DAISO ELLEFAR nose highlighting powder (pearl pink)


REAL TECHNIQUES deluxe crease brush setting brush base shadow accent brush

from left to right:
1. REAL TECHNIQUES deluxe crease brush
2. REAL TECHNIQUES setting brush
3. REAL TECHNIQUES base shadow brush
4. REAL TECHNIQUES accent brush
5. KATE eyeliner brush (cut into an angled brush)


i never thought this makeup is very transforming until i saw the comparison with my naked eye. not only did my eye look rounder and bigger, my lashes made sure my pink eye shadow doesn't make me look like i have a pink eye (infection). my lashes are almost invisible on my naked eye!


karman eye makeup pink

when i do close my eyes and expose my eyelids, it's totally clean and bright. i like how it looks when contrasted with the sharp black eyeliner.
karman madokeki puffedupcheeks
mandatory awkward selfie :P

karman madokeki puffedupcheeks

from afar you can't really see the pink eyeshadow going on, so it's not going to scare people away. at most you'll super adorable because usually people who just cried have pink eyelids!

do you like this look? i hope you do because i love it! it's an awesome way to wear colour eye shadows! instead of wearing it all over my upper lid, a small accent of the colour on my lower lid proves to be a playful and fun way of experimenting with colours. you might be able to achieve the same look with a colour eyeliner, do give it a try!

i'm telling you, the bottom lid will be of great emphasis in the upcoming japanese makeup trends ;)

do you like this look?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Take a look at what Visee has to offer this fall

translated from @cosme news:

visee's products is oozing a lady-like glamorous feel. the focus is on the eyes this autumn. a woman's strength and adaptability inspired the choice of shiny powder and deep colours. the sparkle in every blink will capture you deep into the window of the soul.

visee new shimmer rich eyes eyeshadow

4 dense deep colours and 1 fine shimmery powder, by using the 4 colours in succession will enlarge and define your eyes. create deep and three dimensional eyes with the wide colour selection.

visee lash volume mania mascara

get fluffy, thick, and jet black lashes in just one coat of the lash volume mania mascara. the lash-nurturing formula also keeps your lashes curled while being able to be removed easily with warm water.

visee duo rich eyes eyeshadow

visee adds 2 more colours to their current collection of the duo rich eyes. both translucent shades are reminiscent of the autumn coziness. the soft and light texture allows it to adhere well to your skin, it even has moisturizing ingredients added to prevent your delicate eye area from drying out in the drier weather.

i've seen swatches of the shimmer rich eyes, they're basically glossy rich eyes with an additional shimmery shade. doesn't really look very enticing to me, but i might change my mind when i see them in person. what's worth taking note is the appearance of two familiar shades (the greyish purple on the top left, and orangey brown on the bottom left) which looked a lot like the winter limited edition glossy rich eyes as i've mentioned before in my visee lust list.

also, there is a palette that contains a gorgeous emerald shade, that's rare and i would love to see how it looks like in real life! i don't currently own any green eye shadows so it may be fun to own it.

on a totally unrelated note, while scrolling through this entry, the wavy patterns on the eyeshadow palette created something like an optical illusion. try scrolling up and down around the glossy rich eyes palette while focusing on one spot! 

the mascara looks promising, but a film type mascara almost never holds a lash-curler-curled-lashes well. unless you use a heated lash mascara afterwards.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Secret Is Out.

if you have always had straight lashes that points downwards, you're in luck because i've found out a method to overcome this genetic limitation!

watch the video because a live demonstration beats me trying to explain the steps (inclusive of angles and whatsnot) in words.


1. DOLLY WINK long mascara (click on the product name for a full review)
2. PANASONIC heated lash curler


my lashes isn't my most prized possession on my face. it's short and straight.
thankfully, i do have some eyelashes to begin with, so it's not the end of the world for me as i can salvage things with a good mascara.

i've mentioned this in the video, but i want to mention it again: the dollywink mascara WILL straighten my curled lashes, that's why it's essential to use a heated lash curler with the mascara or it simply won't work for you.


dollywink long mascara swatch

i love how my lashes look so natural after the lash routine! notice the curl on my right eye (the one further from the camera). that's quite a dramatic change in the angle it points!

the best thing about this mascara is its ability to lengthen and volumize without it looking unnatural (i.e. spider legs). the tips are still fine and looks like a real eye lash.

dollywink long mascara before after swatch review
dramatic comparision of the before and after from the front. 

i wasn't joking when i said my lashes are not visible normally! with the extra help from the mascara and the lash curler, they finally came alive and aren't shy to be seen by people anymore!


Thursday, September 17, 2015

I'm coming back..? Am I?

before i add on, please watch the video below! i did try to explain!

done with the video? it's a short one, i tried my best to summarize everything so that i won't bore you guys with too much details.

i guess i just wanna add on to my video here in my blog entry (as i always do) because i did forget to mention some stuff while recording. it's funny how it still happens despite running through what i want to say three time before i actually recorded.

the thing is, my skin is still healing after 6 months of gradual and progressive improvement. it's going to be a long haul process. i've already tried many different things, some of which include a change in my lifestyle to try to aid my recovery. i've learnt how to use my body after reading some more books that shed light in a different perspective, so i'm trying them out now!

my current condition is really much better than it was half a year ago. and i think it'll get increasingly good with time. sometimes they look a little worse, but they resolve themselves quickly, so please don't be alarmed when you see red blotches on my skin in videos!

regarding my video schedule, i'll try my best to come up with a video weekly. that's my original schedule prior to the hiatus, so i'll try to get back to it! but in the event of shit happening again, i might take another break. let's pray hard that it doesn't happen, okay? thanks angels :)

if you've only read my blog and not seen any of my youtube videos at all, you might not even know i've taken a break because of my skin! that's okay! because i've tried my very best to continue running my blog independently. i'll continue to blog, hopefully i get more reviews coming now that i can use some products again!

looking forward to more peaceful times so i can keep creating content that you all like!

thanks for the support and encouragements once more!


Monday, September 14, 2015

Let's see how Kate tries to reinvent the wheel

translated from @cosme news:

kate's autumn focus is on the thicker brows and eye area to impart a more adult like impact. the eyeshadow focuses on the lower lid to create bigger eyes. for the lips, they are offering a lip treatment that will also colour your lips to finish the alluring autumn look.

kanebo kate new trap impact eyes

the main focus of the autumn collection is this new eyeshadow quint. they propose a gradient effect on the lower eyelid to make the eyes look wider. available in 5 brand new colour variations: reddish brown X pink beige, smoky greyish blue X cool silver, khaki X chic gold and so on.

kate double line faker double eyelid liner

draw a natural looking double lid fold with the double lid remake shadow liner. can also be used on the lower lid to accentuate your tear bags.

EDITOR'S NOTE: it's bascially a sheer eyeliner pen to add shadows.

kate cc lip cream

a multi function product, it colour corrects, hydrates your lips, adds a glossy sheen to it, prepare your lips for other lip products, and also cuts out UV rays. back by popular demand, the two previously limited colours are released again. you can choose from 4 shades: red, 2 shades of pink, and an orange.

kate cc lip treatment

similar to the CC lip cream, the CC lip treatment does everything the former does with the added benefit of plumping your lips. translucent red adds an air of matured style while translucent pink is natural enough for every occassion. with a plump and hydrated looking lips, your look is now complete.

i'd just like to say this collection of new products doesn't excite me at all. perhaps it's because i already own so many of their eyeshadow palettes to know that it's the same thing over and over again. however, for thoes of you who don't own their diamond cut eyes, i think you might want to give the trap impact eyes because it's as though the traded the glittery silver powder for the frosty shiny colours. 

it's safe to say i won't be buying any of these items.

kate has always been rather innovative, for example they were the first to release a three point lash liner, which was then copied by other makeup brands. the double eyelid faker liner is an innovative use of a sheerer formula to help extend a person's double eyelid folds. see below for the before and after. it's really pretty subtle, which makes me wonder what's the point?

kate double eyelid remake liner
image from kate official website

image credit: @cosme

Monday, September 7, 2015

Heart shaped palettes might just make you want to try them

translated from @cosme news:

featuring a soft and clean nudy eye look, Integrate's theme this fall is SUGAR NUDE. adorn your face with natural looking bigger eyes with their new eye shadows and eye liners for an instant boost in your attractiveness.

shiseido integrate new NUDY GRADE-EYES

by using the 3 shades in the heart shape accordingly, followed by lining your eyes with the 2 shades on the outside, you can create the illusion of fuller lashes in the inner corner of your eyes. the two shades when used vertically can make your eyes rounder! comes in 5 colours to help you create sophisticated looking eyes.

EDITOR'S NOTE: the "grade" in its name is actually japanese short hand for gradation.

integrate new SWEET TRICK EYES strawberry sugar

create bigger eyes by defining your tear bag/aegyo-sal! this palette is designed for this purpose! the limited colour STRAWBERRY SUGAR consist of deeper pink shades for fall. the trick powder (on the right) has a light-up effect and is perfect for accentuating your tear bag (aegyo-sal), the medium colour is bright while the deep colour (on the left) creates dimension. by using all three shades, you can have a set of clear and defined eyes.


short brush tip, super fine line, easy to draw, and a limited plum red colour, what more do you need in a liquid liner?

EDITOR'S NOTE: can i just commend on the adorable silver print on the pen? hearts and cats? COME TO MOMMY.

i haven't get to try any of integrate's products yet. their eyeshadow looks really easy to use for makeup beginners, and the sheer colours makes it hard to go wrong. you may like to check them out if you are new to makeup.

i got to know of the brand because of their gel liner pencil which has gotten a lot of good reviews. the only thing that caught my attention in this series is probably the plum red liquid liner. it's rare for japanese to release coloured eye liners, unlike their korean counterpart.

image credit: @cosme
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