MADOKEKI is a blog of beauty news, reviews, tutorials, and once in a while something about style.

I'm Karman, currently based in Singapore.
I have slight OCD and enjoy documenting as much as I can because I find it pleasurable to turn intangible thoughts into something that can be seen and read.

After exploring the realms of beauty and makeup,
the engineer in me has been constantly optimizing my routine and it definitely has a positive impact on how I share my findings with others through my video tutorials at my YouTube channel KARMAN.

I gravitate towards drugstore products with very good quality and nice packaging.
Quality always comes first, but the packaging is definitely a bonus.
American/European/Japanese/Korean brands interests me.
Being able to read some Japanese and Korean is immensely useful as i am able to find some of the information that i need.

At MADOKEKI, visual aesthetics are given a lot of importance because I demand that from all of my work, and it's something I'm proud of.
Everything you see on this blog is created by me thanks to the little figment of creativity within me.

I also make Chinese videos over at my Chinese YouTube Channel KARMAN 加文.

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