Monday, June 29, 2015

The new items tell you something about the trend.

new items from majolica majorca, as seen from their official website! from the looks of it, you can probably tell what trend they're going after.

did you guess it correctly? it's the natural makeup trend, thanks to korean influences!
if i were to come up with a keyword for this trend, it'd be "translucent". afterall, summer is all about clear skin and barely there makeup, right?

here's what majolica majorca has to offer this summer. most items are limited in number, but i believe they'll make a come back if sales are good :)

majolica majorca nude make gel

a gel that transforms into a lotion upon touching your skin, this moisturizing lotion will cover up any slight blemishes naturally to give you a no makeup look. can be used as a foundation, make up base, or a concealer.

majolica majorca lash secret long mascara

can be used as both a mascara base and a top coat, the black extension fibre in the clear base will lengthen your lashes naturally and secretly. waterproof formula means your lashes will stay curled all day!

this is very similar to their lash bone black fibre in, the only visual difference i can observe now is the different comb brush. if you're confused about majolica majorca mascaras, i've got a comparison chart in this entry!

majolica majorca blood on blush lips

japanese are all about multi function products ever since the success of visee's cream blusher, which doubles up as a lip tint as well! blood on gives you a clear reddish veil on your cheeks and lips, just what it takes to fake that natural flush.

majolica majorca honey pump lip gloss

2 new limited colours - red and orange - will help you create the perfect no makeup makeup look! the thick gloss is formulated with royal honey EX, moisturizing your lips while plumping them up with volume at the same time. 

the only thing that caught my attention is their beautiful packaging. i particularly like the gold on white packaging of the blood on blusher/lip tint. i am inclined to try the nude make gel some day, after i run out of my current foundation perhaps?

what about you?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Here comes my favourite brand.

how can i write about @cosme award winning canmake products and forget about kate, my favourite brand?
i'm once again referencing @cosme's ranking.

FYI, "ranking" refers to the most talked about ranking (by the community), while the best cosme award is an annual award carried out by @cosme editors. as much as i love kate, i'm surprised when i realize kate doesn't have too many award winning items as compared to canmake! so here are 5 items according to the popularity.

kate designing eyebrow n award

this is probably japan's most loved eyebrow powder. kate was amongst the first to release a 3 shade brow product that provided everything you need to get perfect brows AND a contoured nose. the eyebrow powder managed to stay on my face without special priming or whatsoever throughout the day (unless i wipe it off with a tissue). sweat resistant, probably a little oil resistant too. the powder is extremely versatile and can be used as a matte eyeshadow as well. this is one of my absolute favourites from kate (for swatches and my full review on the designing eyebrow N, click here). the dual sided brush that comes with the powder is great for shading the nose. the angled brow brush is too soft for my liking, but it does the job nonetheless.

kate designing eyebrow swatch

it's a pity it only comes in two shades of colour, EX-4 is slightly lighter and more yellowish, while EX-5 is a little darker and tends towards reddish brown. i wish they came out with an ashy/greyish brown that's more neutral and natural.

kate eyebrow pencil N cosme award

with a 1.5mm lead, you won't have to worry looking like crayon shin chan after all your hard work. this would be perfect for sketching the end of the brow which is preferred to be slightly skinny. i haven't tried this before, but my friend has and she said the hard lead is able to deposit just the right amount of product on her skin, giving her natural looking brows. it's been said to be sweat resistant by peer reviews on @cosme!

kate eyebrow pencil N swatches

comes in a wide selection of 7 colours.

kate lash maximiser cosme ranking award

this may be a life saver for peeps with short lashes. used as a base coat, it can lengthen your lashes naturally with black fibres that look just like natural lashes. i have already added this to my to-buy list :D

comes in two shades, EX-1 are black fibres in a white base, while EX-2 contain black fibres in a black base.

kate brown shade eyes cosme ranking

an eyeshadow trio that comes with an additional matte nose contour powder. this series seems to be more popular in china than in japan. i've seen reviews praising the quality of these shadows and how buttery they are. i believe they're best applied with fingers. setting the boring colour selection aside (as kate always recycles their colour palettes), i'm going to get this palette nonetheless because there is one colour variation that caught my eyes. :D

kate brown shade eyes swatches

comes in 6 colours, except for BR-6 which is matte/satin, all other shades are shimmery/metallic.

kate cosme award super sharp liner s a

as the name suggest, it's a super sharp liner that delivers jet black ink. this used to be called super sharp liner S, and it was a cult favourite years ago. i've tried this before, i like that the ink dries to a matte finish, and that it really lasted all day on my lids on a hot sunny day even without priming my eyes with any powder products. however, it stained my lids, something i'm not too happy about.

comes in 3 colours.

you can read my full review and see my swatches of the super sharp liner here.

i have confessed my love for kate many times. most of the award winning products are for the eyebrow, i believe most japanese girls go to kate for their brow products? personally, i have 5 eyeshadow palette from kate and i love them all.

while i really love the eyebrow powder, i didn't agree with the number 2 spot the super sharp eyeliner got. i don't agree with the ranking everytime.

if there's one thing the @cosme ranking does, it's to add more items to my "to-buy" list. to be fair, they also give me a rough gauge of how good a product is before i buy. call it my form of market research :P

image credit: all images adapted from @cosme and kate official site.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Be Summer Ready With Me!

i'm very inspired after flipping through some japanese magazines, so i put together some outfit ideas, hopefully it'll give you some inspiration to spruce up your outfits this summer!



summer isn't just about neon colours! pair a loose white with white boyfriend jeans if you're not afraid of dirtying them. put on some brightly coloured accessories such as the bold statement necklace to create a focal point for the look. you can choose any colour as the focal colour (since every colour goes with white). i opted for one single focal colour and went for a striking hot pink for bags and makeup to tie the look together.



bust out your slip-ons as they're back in fashion. even if they're not in trend, the shoes goes so perfectly with rolled up jeans anyway! pairing a cropped top with a loose flannel will keep you warm and tone down the sexiness of the cropped top. the focus of this look is obviously the futuristic metallic bag and shoe. small handbags are perfect for days when you just need to carry your lip gloss and some money with you. colour block orange with cyan for an added flavour of summer to the otherwise colour neutral look.



summer is the best time to experiment with bold prints. i used the floral skirt as the main focus and build the look around it, hence the understated striped top. as the skirt is already so colourful, i kept the colour of bags and accessories to a single colour so as to not draw attention away too much. jewelleries are kept to a minimum because the shoes are already such an attention seeker.



i drew a lot of reference to the 90s for this look - the cropped top, high waisted denim shorts, platform shoes, heart shaped sunglasses, and the iconic choker. i replaced oversized blousons with a floral kimono to soften the look a little. in my mind, the perfect makeup that will go so well with this look is a clean face with simple black cat liner and red lips.



this look was inspired by the coachella music festival from a while ago. off shoulder fluffy tops are the epitome of coachella i guess! pair it with denim shorts and converse for a more urban feel. i always link orange to summer, probably because it reminds me of sun kissed cheeks. complete the look with a pair of sunnies and a black bucket bag, it ups the boho factor.


style 2 is probably closest to my personal style since i'm more casual. i would love to try style 4 and 5, and i will definitely wear style 3 to my girlfriend's wedding. style 1 looks really good on magazines, but it irks me to think of how easily i'll attract stains, so it's a no go for me.

which would you like to try?

Monday, June 15, 2015

It's a tough decision when rounding them down.

if you're a fan of japanese cosmetics, canmake won't be unfamiliar to you. the drugstore brand has created many best selling products over the years and have a huge following thanks to their really friendly price, cute packaging, and last but not least, high quality makeup.

canmake is the starting point for many school girls who have a tight budget, that's probably part of the reason why the brand is so popular! in fact, my first eyeshadow is made by canmake :)

the @cosme award is quite a big deal in japan, while the annual best cosmetics awards are chosen by editors, the weekly ranking are fuelled by the community.

here are 5 products you must try because they're also products i want to try! :P

canmake your lips only gloss

a new product that was recently released in march 2015, it has gain popularity quickly and took the number 2 spot of this weeks ranking.

a lip gloss that changes colour according to the amount of moisture you have on your lips, you can have a shade that's unique to you! formulated with more than 92% emollient ingredients, this gloss will moisturize your lips as the colour develops over time. if you're a fan of a pair of natural looking stained lips, this is for you.

available in two shades, 01 is a clear gloss while 02 is pearly.

canmake cream cheeks
CREAM CHEEKS | 580 yen

currently ranking at the top spot, the cream cheeks is a long time favourite by japanese ladies as this has came in first in the 2013 and 2014 cosme awards for best cheek product.

the texture of the blusher changes from gel to powdery upon blending out, so you can use it over both powder and liquid foundation without worrying about blotchiness as it blends really well. formulated with moisturizing ingredients to improve adherence to your skin for better staying power. use the cream cheeks to create a natural flush on your cheeks!

canmake cream cheeks swatches
comes in 9 colours (according to the official site). you can check out my swatch and review of my cream cheek in shade 05 here!

canmake quick lash curler

also clinching the number 1 spot (as of time of this entry), the quick lash curler has been in the top three position in year 2010, 2012 and 2013. in 2014, it was named in the hall of fame by the @cosme editors.

you can use it as a base coat to curl your lashes before applying your favourite mascara, or use it on top of your mascara to help maintain curls for the entire day. the mascara comb is designed to lift and separate lashes for a natural look (if used alone).

comes in two shades, 01 is transparent, 02 is black.

canmake lasting multi eye base

the last multi eye base got first place in the makeup base category in year 2014.

the multi purpose primer boosts the vibrancy of eye shadows while keeping your eye makeup budge proof throughout the day. it can also be used on the eyebrow to help brow product stay better, as well as keeping eyeliners from melting or smudging. sick of panda eyes? this may be the product for you.

canmake marshmallow finish powder

consistently in the top 2 position in the @cosme best cosmetics awards, it took 2nd place in 2014 (coming right behind .

the finely milled powder contains sebum absorbing ingredients, keeping your face matte and smooth like a marshmallow all day. have pores? fret not, the powder is able to scatter light in a special way that minimizes their appearance.

comes in two shades, MO creates a brightening effect, while MB is more natural.

i own quite a number of canmake products, such as the candy wrap lip (10), cream cheek (05), glow fleur cheeks (04), colour stick concealer (09), eye nuance (13), highlighter (05), and also one of their mascaras. the quality i get for the price i pay is superb (except for the mascara, it was disappointing).

i'm definitely a canmake fan girl. are you?

Monday, June 8, 2015

GET IT BEAUTY Blind Test #3
Top 3 Pigmented Pink Lipsticks

get it beauty is a korean beauty talk show where they invite experts from the relevant fields to share insights with beauty lovers. one of the things they do is the blind test, and it is what you think it is.

i read that they changed the format slightly this year. instead of pitting random products against each other, they now pit previous year's champion against new challengers.

here is the ranking for pigmented and buttery smooth pink lipsticks!

get it beauty blind test 2015 lipstick ranking

1. ETUDE HOUSE | DEAR MY WISH LIPSTICK | PK002 | 3.5g | 9500 won
pigmented, hugs your lips perfectly. formulated with vegetable squalane for moisture and shine.

2. LANCOME | L'ABSOLU ROUGE | 368 | 4.2g | 39,000 won 
vivid colour, creamy texture, and very moisturizing.

3. ESTEE LAUDER | PURE COLOR ENVY SHINE LIPSTICK | 480 | 3.4g | 39,000 won
designed to complement asian skin tones, the blue pigments freshens up the face.

get it beauty blind test 2015 lipstick ranking

4. NARS | AUDACIOUS LIPSTICK | NATALIE | 4.2g | 39,000 won
true to its colour in just one swipe, applies smoothly with matte finish.

5. ESPOIR | LIPSTICK NOWEAR M | PK002 N.Y. PINK | 3.7g | 19,000 won
2014 blind test #1! matte lipstick with soft texture. 

i read that the previous year champion (espoir lipstick) took last place because matte lips aren't trendy anymore. really? i've been wanted to try etude house's lipstick, this ranking just gave me one more reason to try it out.

Monday, June 1, 2015

This entry is about me, written for those of you who care.

first off, thank you for clicking into this entry. i thank you because you care about me, and is concerned about my life.

if you read my blog solely without visiting my youtube or instagram, you may wonder why there aren't any cosmetics/skin care reviews or swatches as of late.

i'm still dealing with my eczema flare that went out of hands since last october, 2014. it got a lot better in late february 2015, i thought i'm done for good! but my happiness was short lived as my skin flared again in march 2015.

my eczema isn't normal, because i've been through years of topical steroid "abuse", my skin is more fragile than others. when i flared this time round, it was a full body event, mirroring what i been through during my topical steroid withdrawal days. normal eczema don't go to this extent!

the good news is, my skin will heal, and i'm healing albeit at a rather slow pace. this is what happens when natural healing takes place. the bad news? i won't be able to do any swatches or reviews in the near future even though i am dying to!!! i really miss putting on make up, dolling up, looking good and feeling good!

i'm taking things in my stride though! even though some moments really sucks life out of me so much so that i feel like giving up, i never actually gave up because my brain will somehow changes its perceptions to make myself feel better. i choose to see the positive side of things.

not being able to do makeup reviews and swatches forced me to find new topics to write and share. while it takes a lot more effort than before, i'm learning the ropes and i'm actually glad i have this chance to make a change. i hope you like the entries i'm sharing with you all because those are things that interest me personally.

i don't usually write about myself, but i just want you to know that i'm still alive, and healing :)
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