Monday, March 30, 2015

For Those Confused By The Marketers

i decided to write this entry because i also need to educate myself on the range of mascaras offered by majolica majorca, a brand under shiseido. those fancy  names don't tell me much about the actual functions, and the brand is obviously trying to make it difficult for me to differentiate between product packaging because they all look similar in terms of color scheme (with the except of the lash link and lash bone). so here is an illustrated entry on the strengths of each mascara.

on the official japanese website, there are only 2 types of mascaras and one base coat. each type comes in two variations: film type (removeable with warm water) and waterproof type.

majolica majorca lash king lash expander edge meister lash bone


click image to enlarge. image originally from the official japanese website.

i've translated the original image (it was in japanese) to english. it's only available on their japanese website, i think they should add this to their other websites too because it's so useful! now you are able to tell at a glance what each mascara does.

the LASH KING is meant to give you length AND volume, while making your lashes more fluttery at the same time. think of it as an all rounder. i'd perhaps liken this to the maybelline falsies, since that also promises length, volume, fullness, and flared out lashes. i have a review on the maybelline falsies mascara coming up soon!

the LASH EXPANDER (i'll omit the 'edge meister' from here on because the name is too long) on the other hand will give you length and separated lashes. this is much like the maybelline lashionista mascara, except this comes in waterproof formula. i've actually tried the older version of the lash expander, you can read my review here.

the LASH BONE is a translucent mascara base that contains black fibers, meant as a base coat to give you more length and volume. japanese brands seem to love making a lash primer for extra length. kate, visee and integrate have them too.

on the singapore website, i spy two extra mascara that isn't shown on the japanese site (anymore?).

majolica majorca lash enamel glamour gorgeous wing edge meister king comparison difference


and look what i found on the taiwanese official website!!! a full on comparison chart! i translated it into english from chinese :D easy peasy!


majolica majorca lash enamel glamour gorgeous wing edge meister king comparison difference
as the film type LASH KING is a new release in japan, it's not updated on the taiwanese website yet, hence showing only a "waterproof" sign. image originally from the taiwan MJ website.

the LASH ENAMEL GLAMOUR VOLUME ON is a volumizing mascara, the dual comb brush allows you to control how thick you want your lashes to be. thick as in clusters of lashes stuck together to form a gigantic spider leg. i'd say this mascara parallel the maybelline volum'express hyper curl cat eyes waterproof mascara, as the comb allows the volumizing formula to coat my lashes thickly. read my review here!

lastly, the LASH GORGEOUS WING NEO has a formula that will make your lashes look fuller and more fluffy. "more hairy" doesn't sound nice even though that was the first adjective that came into my mind. the brush is zig-zagged to separate your lashes in order to prevent clumping even after multiple coats of the mascara (according to them). at first glance it seems similar to lash king, that's because they are similar. but i'll expect the lash gorgeous wing to give you skinnier and more natural looking lashes. you know some times lashes end up looking spidery after multiple coats? this MAY avoid that. just a guess judging from the product description.

there are 4 main types of mascaras offered by majolica majorca - length, volume, fullness (the false lash effect), and "all of the above".

majolica majorca mascara what should i get long voluminous lashes
take your pick.

after writing this entry, everything suddenly appears to be clearer to me. majolica majorca's mascara collection isn't as confusing as maybelline's in my opinion. the thing is these mascaras have a creative name, which is in line with the entire brand because they dream up fairy tales for each collection they release - just goes to show you how airy fairy this brand is. it'll be odd to see really practical and descriptive names show up in majolica majorca's product lines.

one must learn the facts before they can appreciate the beauty in these product names, and i can finally say i really like the product names after spending hours flipping through the web to write up this entry.

were you confused by majolica majorca's product names just like me? please tell me i'm not alone.

image credit: majolica majorca official japanese website and taiwanese website

Friday, March 27, 2015

spring 2015 DIY nail art inspiration tutorial

Or Show This To A Friend Who Will Try It On You

i was browsing through japanese beauty magazine websites (i'm on maquia's today) when i chanced upon these beautiful and simple nail art designs in spring colours! i'm always amazed at how meticulous and how skillful japanese nail art is - it really is an art form. even though i don't usually wear nail polishes (because i'm kinda lazy and impatient when it comes to letting them air dry, and glitter nail polishes are a pain in my ass when removing), i enjoy looking at how people combine different colours and elements together to form a new piece of art work.

here's a few of my favourites, along with translated instructions if you want to try it yourself!

starting off with my favourite.

nail art inspiration muted purple grey studs japanese DIY tutorial
WINTER KNIT for hands

the combination of pearly white, grey and purple is like a person holding on to the tail of winter, the way the spring sun will slowly melt the winter ice. the addition of gold accent is a touch of minimalistic perfection.

addiction milk break chanel vernis 641 rmk nail art liner ex 02 mac nail lacquer texturizer

1. apply the pearly white polish to the thumb, first finger, and pinky.
(ADDICTION BEAUTY | milk break | 1800 yen)

2. use the smoky gray shade to make a knit art on the middle finger.
(RMK | nail art liner EX-02 | 1500 yen)

3. accentuate the ring finger with a pearly purple shade.
(CHANEL | vernis 641 | 2900 yen)

4. apply a leather texturizing top coat to the thumb, first finger and pinky.
(MAC | nail lacquer texturizer | 1800 yen)

5. add triangle studs to the thumb, first finger and pinky.

japanese nail art inspiration studs stone spring cute glam DIY TUTORIAL

the high contrast between the red/hot pink and white is striking and a little bold, making this a perfect way to experiment with vibrant colours. the cluster of crystal, pearl and metal studs brings a royal touch to this design. what a way for your toes to say hello to spring?

rmk nail colour p 31 estee lauder pure colour nail enamel ge christian dior vernis 660

1. apply an opaque white coat to the thumb, middle finger and pinky.
(RMK | nail colour P-31 | 1500 yen)

2. use a pinkish red for the ring finger.
(ESTEE LAUDER | pure colour nail enemal GE | 2500 yen)

3. on the index finger (or first finger?), apply a hot pink shade.
(CHRISTIAN DIOR | vernis 660 | 3000 yen)

4. add some stones and different elements on the thumb, while using studs on the center of the middle finger and pinky.

japanese pastel spring nail art inspiration rhinestone studs DIY
RETRO PASTEL for hands

the combination of pastel shades will never go wrong for spring (even though you can wear this any time of the year you like!). what i like about this design is the touch of white, studs, and stones on one of the fingers. so fresh, it stands out from all the pastel designs i've seen.

nail art diy tutorial

1. on the thumb, apply a dolly pink shade with pearly finish.
(anna sui cosmetics | nail colour N 305 | 1400 yen)

2. coral adds a taste of grown up sweetness, apply it to the middle finger.
(THREE | nail polish 02 | 1800 yen)

3. apply 2 layers of clear purple to the index finger and pinky.
(THREE | nail polish 04 | 1800 yen)

4. on the ring finger, use sheer pastel green as a base.
(JILL STUART BEAUTY | nail colour R 28 | 1500 yen)

5. stick 6 small gold round studs near the base of the thumb. add a mixture of stones and studs to the ring finger in a random fashion. 

floral nail tutorial inspiration art design japanese spring

you should already be able to tell i have a thing for floral pattern. it's not considered a fetish, is it? haha! i don't think i can ever rock floral nails, but i really enjoy admiring them. it's as though the flowers on the nails are blooming together with those cherry blossoms. what's more lady than pink nails? with a touch of princess-ness to it too.

floral nail art diy tutorial

1. apply a pigmented pink beige on the index finger.
(RMK | nail colour EX EX-26 | 1500 yen)

2. on the pinky, apply two coats of raspberry pink.
(RMK | nail colour EX P-13 | 1500 yen)

3. using a pure white shade, apply this as a base coat on the thumb and middle finger.
(RMK | nail colour EX P-31|1500yen)

4. to the ring finger, apply a rose pink as an accent colour.
(YSL | la laque couture 12 | 3000 yen)

5. after the white base coat has dried, draw flowers using nail polish 1, 2 and 4. add a square to the index finger. for the ring finger and pinky, stick a square frame and opal stone for a touch of glam.

pastel spring nail art inspiration DIY tutorial studs stone japanese

i'll let you in on another liking of mine, as much as i love the entire spectrum of colours, i'm mysteriously drawn to "dusty shades". dusty rose? right up my alley. that slight addition of greyish tones adds character to the colour and resonates well with me. the elaborate stone pattern gives a ethnic vibe to the overall design - kind of like the elaborate carpets from the skillful artisans from india.

rmk nail colour nail art diy japanese pastel spring tutorial

1. to the big toe and 3rd toe, apply a smoky gray.
(RMK | nail colour EX EX-02 | 1500 yen)

2. on the 1st toe and pinky, apply a sweet pink shade.
(RMK | nail colour EX P-19 | 1500 yen)

3. for a hint of freshness, apply mint green on the middle toe.
(RMK | nail colour EX EX-29 | 1500 YEN)

4. adhere a square frame in the centre of the big toe, align the stones accordingly. also add stones to the base of the middle toe.

here are my top 5 of the dozens of nails i saw. if you'd like to see more, you can visit their website to have a peek! if you noticed, all 5 designs feature some form of studs. i wonder if it's because i drift towards studs/stones, or is it japanese who like to embellish their nails with these wonderful inventions?

do you like the designs i picked out? do let me know below if you do! we can be friends :D and i'll share more nail designs in the future if you enjoyed this entry.

Monday, March 23, 2015

ETUDE HOUSE New Products March 2015
Look at what Etude House has to offer as of March 2015

a while ago i came across their new colour in liquid lips (you may have seen the swatches i posted on instagram!) and i've always wanted to share it over here. lo and behold, i saw a bunch of new products being released on the official website.

ETUDE HOUSE zero sebum powder gel cream
ZERO SEBUM |all day matte gel, white sebum clear,  drying powder

WHITE SEBUM CLEAR | | 11000 won
"helps to melt white sebum on nose and chin"

this cream is applied on comedone prone areas such nose and chin.  it'll get rid of comedones over time.

to be used after toner.

ALL DAY MATTE GEL | | 10000 won
"removes sebum oil for all day matte skin"

mattifying gel primer to be used after your skin care, white sebum clear, and before foundation.

DRYING POWDER | 6g | 6500 won
"provides clear skin without dryness of flakiness"

can be used on T zone, eyelids, and oily hair.

this series parallels innisfree's no-sebum line. well, companies do get ideas from each other and release their own version. the price is exactly the same! the only new offering etude house have is perhaps the "white sebum clear gel", which is a skin care product instead of makeup. that seems quite useful! i can't find the ingredient list on the korean website, but i suspect it contains a blend of BHA and AHA to melt off comedones. not that i have oily skin, but i know many people has so i'm always on the look out for products that can potentially help them.

etude house fantastic color eyes cherry blossom rose garden swatch
FANTASTIC COLOR EYES | cherry blossom, rose garden 

eye shadow palette containing 6 different shades each.

etude house fantastic eye cherry blossom swatch

CHERRY BLOSSOM | 0.7g per colour | 14000 won

etude house rose garden swatch

ROSE GARDEN | 0.7g per colour | 14000 won

cherry blossom leans towards the cooler shades while rose garden is warmer. looks like a really fun palette to play around this spring! i like the shades "cherry march", "hand tied" and "my girl" in particular. at around 14USD you can get 6 colours with varying finishes (matte, shimmer, metallic), that's not too bad i think? the addition of browns make this palette rather versatile. 

etude house give me chocolate shadow

GIVE ME CHOCOLATE SHADOW | cherry truffle, salted caramel, cacao fudge

eye shadow palette duo.

etude house give me chocolate cherry truffle swatch

CHERRY TRUFFLE | 4.5g | 8500 won
[top colour] dark cherry base with pink pearlescent pigments
[bottom colour] warm pink with a moisturizing texture

etude house give me chocolate salted caramel swatch

SALTED CARAMEL | 4.5g | 8500 won
[top colour] gold brown base with pink opal pearly pigments
[bottom colour] red orange base with gold opal glitter

etude house give me chocolate cacao fudge swatch

CACAO FUDGE | 4.5g | 8500 won
[top colour] deep brown with brown pearly pigments
[bottom colour] light and transparent base with gold glitter

i'm not really into eye shadow duos even though they make it really easy to use. the less options i have, the easier it is for me to decide how to use the colours! but the packaging and concept of this duo is really cute! and may i say it is very practical too? the shades offered are so wearable on a daily basis! the shades appear sheer in the official swatches, should be really beginner-friendly.

etude house colour color in liquid lips


liquid lipstick with intense colour and a water shine.

etude house colour color in liquid lips swatches

3.5g | 9500 won
click on image to enlarge

korean lip products have been known to be quite amazeballs!!! their wide colour selection and formulation have won the hearts of many. i'm particularly drawn to liquid lipsticks because they're hydrating yet have the intensity of a lipstick. 

i really like the shades BE101, BE102, PK005, PK006 and PK009! RD302 looks quite good too. what about you?

image credit: etude house korea

Friday, March 20, 2015

New Product Releases for 2015

if you've read my blog for a while, you'll know i really like jill stuart's product packaging. this year, they've released new products in spanking new packaging. let's take a look together with me!

do take note this is not part of the spring collection. some are new product, or new packaging, or limited colours added to an existing line.

long lasting foundation with semi matte finish. covers pore with soft focus effect. formulated with rosemary extract, lavender oil and avocado oil for its moisturizing effect.

available in 5 shades.

in store from 6 march 2015

the foundation case is a new design and is designed to look like a little clutch you carry to the party. the jewel facet look gives it a really princessy air.

functions as a moisturizer and skin brightener. the pink beige will lift your skin tone naturally. contains cherry blossom extract, evening primrose extract and hyaluronic acid to keep your skin supple. soft focus powder will cover pores, while lipid absorption powder will keep your makeup from melting in excess sweat.

limited edition packaging.

in store from 6 march 2015

there're many more claims on the official website, you can read through all of it if you're interested. too much of a good thing is somethings.. too good to be true :P


in store from 6 february 2015

MATTE CHIFFON NAILS | 10ml | 1500 yen

7 limited colour variations, doesn't contain any pearlescence. as the name suggest, it has a matte finish.


come in 4 limited colours, also doesn't contain any pearly effect. moisturizing formula melts across lips despite having a soft matte finish.

2 limited edition colours are introduced in this collection. powders are moisturizing on touch, producing a semi-matte finish that looks natural and soft. comes with retractable brush.

one day i'll get my hands on their mix blush compact! i like their colour combination, and that cute retractable brush that comes along with the palette. the lipstick look really lovely too! all the colours here are limited colours,

saw anything that interested you?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

GEO Tri Colour Brown CM-902
GEO Tri Colour Brown CM-902

sponsored review brought to you by yourbeautymagic. all opinions are my own.

this is the second pair of lens i chose when contacted by yourbeautymagic, a webstore selling contact lenses based in malaysia. currently, they only sell GEO lenses. they offer a pretty competitive price for some of the lense as compared to other online contact lens retailer, that's one of the reasons why i accepted to try lenses from them instead of other online retailers.

the first pair i chose are the princess mimi sesame gray lens, you can see more photographs by clicking on the link!

i've always loved the tri colour series. i daresay this is probably my favourite contact lens design. in japan, they're also sold by ANGEL COLOR, under the series name WORLD SERIES. i've tried the grey, green, and brown before. however, i didn't manage to take photos for reviews a few years ago when i wore the browns, so here goes.

the glass vials are properly wrapped to ensure the lenses reach you safely. lenses belong in my eyes, not in the bubble lined enveloped.

GEO Tri Colour Brown CM-902
the glass vial that i'm so familiar with. i've been opening these bottles since 2010 :P

product code is printed on the removable vial cap. i'm more blind in my right eye than my left.

GEO Tri Colour Brown CM-902 Review Photo
the front and back look almost identical to each other, unlike the princess mimi sesame grey lens. the pixels are spaced further apart for a diffused colour effect.

number of tones: three (dark brown, honey, yellow)
diameter: 14.2mm
B.C.: 8.60mm
material: polymacon
water content: 40 +/- 2%
power range: 0 to -6.00 (0.25 step), -6.00 to -8.00 (0.50 step)
(information obtained from official GEO website of another lens because the tri colour series is off their official web! but lenses have similar properties since they're made from the same materials)

price on yourbeautymagic: USD 19 (other webstore are priced around USD20)

GEO Tri Colour Brown CM-902 review close up photo
close up of the tri colour brown on my eyes. you'll notice it look different in different photos. it was hard capturing the colours of this lens! the photo below will look closer to what you see in reality.

GEO Tri Colour Brown CM-902 review closeup photo enlargement size

the lens is 14.2mm with no limbal ring, hence it only enlarges my eyes very very gently. this is one of the reasons why i like this lens - it looks very natural in terms of size.


the colours are more diffused and sheerer as compared to the angel brown and princess mimi sesame grey. this really helps to soften the colours and facilitate the blending of colours with my original eye colour.

despite the sheerer colours, it did a really good job lightening my eye colour. totally a plus point in my opinion because it makes the lens look more natural.

the darker brown around the circumference help to blend the lens into my eyes while creating a more 3D look by contrasting darker and lighter shades together. i really love that added dimension to my eyes (you can observe this most clearly in the photo taken in natural light)

the pupil size is noticeably smaller than the angel browns. i remember i took a while to get used to the obstructed vision (much like seeing your long lashes after you applied mascara the first time).

i haven't worn this out for an extended period of time yet, based on my past experience with GEO lenses, fresh lenses wear comfortably for up to 8 hours. aged lens (more than 3 months old) may make my eyes feel dry easily, i do carry eye drops around with me just in case.

these lenses are yearly lenses according to the official site, but i think it's best to change them out whenever they start to show signs of drying your eyes.

this pair of lens will look really good on people with dark iris. the 3 tones in the lens gives a very natural lightening effect. it's the kind of changes that make a huge difference, but people can't quite pin point the reason behind your change.

i absolutely love the tri colour series because it adds so much character and soul into my eyes. it will definitely take a normal eye makeup to the next level. think of it as jewels for your eyes and you'll probably get what i mean.

watch out for this pair of contact lens making it's appearance on my instagram and youtube videos in the future!

for more information, you can send contact them. they're friendly and replied to the bunch of questions i threw at them :P i accepted their invitation to try these lenses because their pricing is more competitive than the other online contact lens retailers.

also, shipping took about 2 weeks for me. i guess the customs held up the package for a while because malaysia is REALLY NEAR to singapore.

if you have any questions, leave me a comment below :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

spring eyeshadow trend
2015 Spring Eyeshadows Releases

before you unearth your stash of pastel eye shadows (if you have any) to accompany spring lip colours, have a look at the spring releases! this is the time of the year when most may experiment with pastel shades.

there're simply TOO MANY makeup and beauty brands out there, i'll try to put together both eastern and western brands in this entry! here are 6 eye shadows that interested me in some way or another.

integrate rainbow gradient revlon eye art visee nudy rich spring
INTEGRATE rainbow gradient eyes | REVLON photoready eye art | VISEE nudy rich eyes

1. INTEGRATE | rainbow gradient eyes (shantan dress) |1600 yen
a 2015 spring limited release, the pink in the upper left will brighten up any dull eyes, while the three tones in the heart will create a soft gradient effect. use the blue with pearly finish on the center of the lids for more bright and lovely eyes. 

the colours look so soft and almost cotton-candy like! i think this will look great on darker skin as the pastel shades will stand out more!

2. REVLON | photoready eye art lid+line+lash | USD 7-9
the satin cream eye shadows are easily applied by the doe foot applicator, the colour blends easily, adhering closely with your eyes to create a high shine look. on the other end is a glitter which you can apply to line your eyes, or all over your lids with the help of the brush applicator.

i've seen swatches online and the finish of the cream eye shadow is frosty - in some photos they look like liquid gold. seems like the champagne and pink shades will make a good eye shadow base! the glitter looks really versatile too, i can foresee myself using it to line my lids and my lower lid area for the teary eye look! 

3. VISEE | nudy rich eyes (BE-7) | 1400 yen
the new ash beige eye shadow quint can help you create the mixed-blood look that well loved by japanese. the shades will carve out sharper dimensions on your eyes. the base colour (at the top) will brighten your entire eye area to prepare for the 4 gradient colours later. infused with moisturizing ingredients, it'll protect you from dry skin.

from the official website, this palette looks a little like mauve to me - greyish brown with a hint of purple. i don't own any palette like this and it's really enticing me.

majolica majorca majolook ysl ombres du jour jill stuart ribbon couture
MAJOLICA MAJORCA majolook illuminator | YVES SAINT LAURENT palette yeux collector | JILL STUART ribbon couture eyes

4. MAJOLICA MAJORCA | majolook illuminator | 1400 yen
limited release for spring 2015, nude brown palette BE700 and pink pastel jewel PK700 will illuminate your eyes with the luminous eye base (the longest rectangle), while the other 3 powder eye shadow brighten your eyes.

majolica majorca eye shadows are well known for their buttery powders. i don't own any eye shadows from them because their colour tend to be on the light and sheer side. too frosty for my liking.

5. YVES SAINT LAURENT | palette yeux collector (ombres du jour) | USD 60
housed in the luxurious casing decorated with black belt and pink sparkles are 5 powder eye shadows: matte black with pink shimmer in the center, champagne, sheer pink, glossy copper, and nude beige. a versatile palette that can be use for both daily looks and glamorous party looks.

the mixture of nude and statement colours make this palette special in its own way. the nude and copper shade can be use for daily looks, and transition into a night look by adding a dash of black. if you're feeling flirty, use the pink and champagne for highlight!

6. JILL STUART | ribbon couture eyes (hydrangea chiffon) | 5000 yen
a new release this year, ribbon couture eyes comes in 4 permanent shades and 1 limited shade (shown above) for spring 2015. the quint consist of 4 gradation colours, and an additional "ribbon colour" for decorating your eyes. formulated with emollients, the powder has a buttery texture and high blendability.

the colour combination resemble that of majolica majorca quite a bit huh? this cost 3 times as much! but the packaging is always pleasing to look at. 

will you try out any of the spring colours for your eyes?

i'll probably pair them up with my normal palettes so i still get some darker shades on my eyes or i risk looking really puffy eyed. if you have darker skin, pastels will contrast your skin to give you a really bright eye look!

image credit: @cosme official website, jill stuart official website

Friday, March 13, 2015

KATE 2015 Spring New Makeup
KATE 2015 "New" Makeup For Spring 201

by the time i'm writing this entry, these cosmetics are no longer new. in fact, they've been released for about 2 months in japan already (officially released on 2nd january).

KATE monochrome shine eyeshadow
the black in this quad will enlarge your eyes while the white make them stand out even more, the key is to apply the black above and below your iris. the first release comes with 5 different shades. 

as you can see, 3 of the four colours look extremely light, the only dark colour being the "black" shade. the white shade looks really refreshing though. i suppose it'll suit those who just started makeup? visit the official site to see the colour swatches and a simple tutorial on how to use this eyeshadow!

personally i'm giving this palette a miss because this is in fact just like any other eyeshadow quads that i have, just that i don't use the darkest shade for this specific purpose.

KATE colour color wrapping rouge
contains moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil, this lipstick will hug your lips nicely with the addition of some sort of polymer which i can't translate. this is a new series and it's packaging reminds me a lot of the revlon super lustrous lipsticks. comes in an amazing 10 shades. OR-2 looks quite beautiful to me :P

kate lasting design eyebrow W FL SL
the flat type is a revival of a discontinued product. back by popular demand? the flat pencil allows you to draw both thick and thin lines, while the slim pencil is perfect for sketching out the skinny part of your brows. both types come with a powder chip which can fill in your brow naturally. only comes in two shades.

kate's official site has tutorials on how to achieve the stronger and bolder eyebrow that is trending lately.

SNOW SKIN CC BASE | 1200 yen
claims to lift your yellowish skin tone naturally without giving you a white cast - the result is a pink and healthy glow. formulated with collagen for its moisturizing properties, as well as "nuance change pearl" (mica, titanium dioxide, tin oxide, iron oxide) to produce the transparent yet glowy finish. comes with SPF35 and PA++, it may just be the perfect CC cream for you if you have pretty awesome skin!

this series look quite meh to me to be honest. kate is known to recycle their eyeshadow palettes as they constantly retire the older releases. i hope they bring back the gradical eyes though! i've never tried their lipsticks before, perhaps i can check them out this time round since "colour wrapping" sounds like what the loreal color riche lipstick feels like.

on the other hand, the snow skin CC base look quite interesting to me because it claims to NOT produce a white cast, not that i need another CC base because i'm still using the nature republic CC cream.

would you like to see swatches of the lipsticks or eyeshadows? i can swatch them the next time i pass by kate's counter :D

image credit: all images taken from KATE official website
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