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ETUDE HOUSE New Products March 2015

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ETUDE HOUSE New Products March 2015
Look at what Etude House has to offer as of March 2015

a while ago i came across their new colour in liquid lips (you may have seen the swatches i posted on instagram!) and i've always wanted to share it over here. lo and behold, i saw a bunch of new products being released on the official website.

ETUDE HOUSE zero sebum powder gel cream
ZERO SEBUM |all day matte gel, white sebum clear,  drying powder

WHITE SEBUM CLEAR | | 11000 won
"helps to melt white sebum on nose and chin"

this cream is applied on comedone prone areas such nose and chin.  it'll get rid of comedones over time.

to be used after toner.

ALL DAY MATTE GEL | | 10000 won
"removes sebum oil for all day matte skin"

mattifying gel primer to be used after your skin care, white sebum clear, and before foundation.

DRYING POWDER | 6g | 6500 won
"provides clear skin without dryness of flakiness"

can be used on T zone, eyelids, and oily hair.

this series parallels innisfree's no-sebum line. well, companies do get ideas from each other and release their own version. the price is exactly the same! the only new offering etude house have is perhaps the "white sebum clear gel", which is a skin care product instead of makeup. that seems quite useful! i can't find the ingredient list on the korean website, but i suspect it contains a blend of BHA and AHA to melt off comedones. not that i have oily skin, but i know many people has so i'm always on the look out for products that can potentially help them.

etude house fantastic color eyes cherry blossom rose garden swatch
FANTASTIC COLOR EYES | cherry blossom, rose garden 

eye shadow palette containing 6 different shades each.

etude house fantastic eye cherry blossom swatch

CHERRY BLOSSOM | 0.7g per colour | 14000 won

etude house rose garden swatch

ROSE GARDEN | 0.7g per colour | 14000 won

cherry blossom leans towards the cooler shades while rose garden is warmer. looks like a really fun palette to play around this spring! i like the shades "cherry march", "hand tied" and "my girl" in particular. at around 14USD you can get 6 colours with varying finishes (matte, shimmer, metallic), that's not too bad i think? the addition of browns make this palette rather versatile. 

etude house give me chocolate shadow

GIVE ME CHOCOLATE SHADOW | cherry truffle, salted caramel, cacao fudge

eye shadow palette duo.

etude house give me chocolate cherry truffle swatch

CHERRY TRUFFLE | 4.5g | 8500 won
[top colour] dark cherry base with pink pearlescent pigments
[bottom colour] warm pink with a moisturizing texture

etude house give me chocolate salted caramel swatch

SALTED CARAMEL | 4.5g | 8500 won
[top colour] gold brown base with pink opal pearly pigments
[bottom colour] red orange base with gold opal glitter

etude house give me chocolate cacao fudge swatch

CACAO FUDGE | 4.5g | 8500 won
[top colour] deep brown with brown pearly pigments
[bottom colour] light and transparent base with gold glitter

i'm not really into eye shadow duos even though they make it really easy to use. the less options i have, the easier it is for me to decide how to use the colours! but the packaging and concept of this duo is really cute! and may i say it is very practical too? the shades offered are so wearable on a daily basis! the shades appear sheer in the official swatches, should be really beginner-friendly.

etude house colour color in liquid lips


liquid lipstick with intense colour and a water shine.

etude house colour color in liquid lips swatches

3.5g | 9500 won
click on image to enlarge

korean lip products have been known to be quite amazeballs!!! their wide colour selection and formulation have won the hearts of many. i'm particularly drawn to liquid lipsticks because they're hydrating yet have the intensity of a lipstick. 

i really like the shades BE101, BE102, PK005, PK006 and PK009! RD302 looks quite good too. what about you?

image credit: etude house korea

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