Friday, February 27, 2015

Are you sporting these fashion trends that men dislike?

in this article from huffington post, they highlighted 23 fashion trends that guys hate but women love. that includes peplum cuts, wedge sneakers, bright lipsticks, even leggings!?

in chinese there's an idiom that says "a girl dresses up for the person she adores".
that saying is so out dated, it doesn't fit in today's world anymore.

i'm telling you right now:
who cares about what guys like or dislike?
i think the only rule we should live by is to like what we wear, feel comfortable in what we don on our body, and choose styles that is most suitable for ourselves.
why? here are 4 reasons:

first thing first, most guys know nothing about women's fashion.
it's just like how most girls barely know anything about cars. and a guy certainly won't choose a car using our standards!
as long as we look coordinated, it wouldn't trigger an alarm in the guy's brain.
let's face it, all the clothes look the same to guys, just like how all cars look the same to us (to me at the very least).
it's only fair to not expect them to understand how the high waisted skirt can elongate our body's silhouette, or how that pair of louboutins can lengthen our legs visually.
majority of the men are merely an audience who admire women's style as though they're looking at art pieces in the louvre - they'll go OOH that looks nice and then move on.

secondly, it's your confidence that guys latch on to, not the clothes on your body.
and where does confidence come from?
it comes from within - your acceptance of yourself, feeling comfortable with yourself, and affirmations from the external world (which mostly stemmed from the confidence you exude).
dressing for yourself will make sure you feel your best because your appearance is aligned with your own ideal.
there's really no point in wearing clothes that he likes, but you know very well how bad it'll look on you.

take for example, i know i don't look good in tube tops because it cuts into the fats around my armpit area and make me look like i have 4 boobs. just because a guy like tube top doesn't mean i have to put myself through that mental (and physical) discomfort! if i don't feel comfortable with my own appearance, i'll end up feeling awkward and NOT be myself. i know how i behave when i don't feel confident, i become less outgoing and proactive.

thirdly, who knows what suits us best other than ourselves?
well, i can tell you the secret to dressing well - choose whatever clothes that makes you feel most confident in.
ever wondered why some people can rock certain clothes well while you can't even though you both have the same body shape?
it's probably got something to do with how you feel!
if you feel like it makes you look good, it will make you look good.
if not, you'll just feel awkward and start acting all awkward too.
our behaviors reflect our inner state of mind, just make sure to let your true self shine through.

with that said, it's still important to choose clothes that suits you, one that will accentuate what you have and polish what you lack.

lastly, as the guy host in the video said..
"we don't like you in clothes".
nuff' said.

girls, please remember this by heart: you look most beautiful when you love yourself.
start loving yourself by aligning your ideals with reality by shifting both your ideals and reality towards each other.

you can thank me later :D

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder (020 Light Pale) [Swatch and Review]
Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder (020 Light Pale)

i almost never win things, but i won this in a revlon official giveaway a few months ago from their facebook page :D but i wasn't allow to choose the colour - they sent me the shade in the middle since there are only 3 shades available in singapore's collection.

the nearly naked pressed powder claims to
1) even skin tone
2) a non cakey formula that provides a shine free finish
3) blends into skin to create lightweight finish, almost naked!

my experience, IN A NUTSHELL:
1) really non cakey/powdery formula! what!?
2) not sweat resistant
3) doesn't really even skin tone since it's so naked
4) can't detect presence of powder on my face
5) it smells very weird

Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder (020 Light Pale)
the entire compact case is pretty huge, it contains a small mirror and a sponge puff.

Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder Ingredients
ingredient list. that's a whole lot of yeast extract (saccharomyces) in this powder! it's use? snooped online and it only identified it as a skin conditioner.

the sponge has a really weird capability, it's really soft and squishy, and has some memory :P but i didn't use it to apply the powder. felt that it was too small to deposit the powder evenly.

Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder 020 light pale swatch
in the pan, 020 light pale looks like a light beige with yellow undertone.

Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder 020 light pale swatch
swatched on bare skin.

on my skin, 020 light pale looks nothing like what's in the pan, it looked more ashy and seem to match my skin tone, probably due to the low opacity of the product. it's almost invisible after i blended it out. if not for enhancing my lines on my hand, you can't tell that i've anything on.


i've been using it for the past few months, i can't say i love it because i really dislike the scent of the product. but i do like the very natural finish it gives me. i really can't detect any powder on my face at all.

the powder itself doesn't feel like a powder. it's not powdery at all! i tried swirling my finger and it hardly picked up any product unlike my powder foundation. i swirled my brush next and nothing gets kicked up at all, a small amount of powder gets onto the brush and that's it. sometimes it frustrates me because i feel like i'm not picking up any product at all (but i actually am, just that they're really quite naked).

the only way i know i have the powder on my face is the way it takes away shine. it does a pretty good job at mattifying my face. it doesn't last the entire day though, especially if i perspired as this product isn't sweat resistant. it comes off by blotting.

this powder is a very weird powder.

i had some problem with it - there was build up on the surface, so i tried to wipe it off with a tissue. it usually does the trick, but it didn't work this time. it buffed the surface into a shiny surface. whattttt???

Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder build up gunk

so i scraped it off, but the surface is still gritty no matter how many times i swirl my brush over it. i don't know why the texture is like this. while it doesn't affect the quality of the powder (it still comes off after i scraped off the build up), i don't like the sight of a gritty product. the powder on display are all super smooth for some reason. not sure if it's just this colour, or just this particular product that i own. maybe there's a slight defect?

all in all, this product does what it claims. i wish they smell nicer. and less gritty in the pan.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Biore Aqua Rich Sunscreen Comparison

i've been a fan of the biore aqua rich sunscreen for a few years now. a few years ago when they came out with the first variation of the sunscreen, the high SPF caught my eyes.also, the idea of having a hydrating sunscreen appealed a lot to me as i have dry skin.

over the years they released more products to their existing product line, and i've been collecting and testing them out ever since.

1. lightweight
2. oil free
3. sinks into skin quickly, doesn't react with foundation
4. high SPF

Biore Aqua Rich watery cream mousse essence
from left to right: watery mousse / watery cream whitening / watery essence

the entire aqua rich line is infused with hyaluronic acid, making them hydrating without the need of oils. all three contains an SPF of 50, and PA+++.

Biore Aqua Rich watery mousse
the watery mousse was the first SPF50 product that was released. as the name suggest, it has a mousse like texture, making it very light weight. the water base texture is infused with hyaluronic acid, which helps to lock down moisture without the need for oils.

it comes with a small-ish opening.

and it contains 33g of products.

Biore Aqua Rich watery cream whitening
the water cream is infused with whitening ingredients, also, it does give off a brightening effect after using it! the product feels more nourishing than the watery mousse. its whitening ingredient is chamomile extract. i have no idea if it has any whitening power, to be honest. biore claims that it can fight dark spots.

it has a similar dispenser as the watery mousse.

it also contains 33g of products.

Biore Aqua Rich watery essence
the watery essence is the third product to be released in the aqua rich line, it boast of a non sticky formula that absorbs right into the skin without any white cast. of course there're no white cast! this is purely a chemical sunscreen! if you have sensitive skin, make sure to test it out first. the idea of having no white cast is attractive, but not everyone can withstand chemical sunscreen.

the opening is different from the previous 2 products, it has a larger and wider opening.

and you get more product too! 50g as opposed to just 33g! all of them cost the same (SGD18.90 if i remember correctly), so you're getting a little more product for your buck if you get this on.

Biore Aqua Rich water cream mousse essence swatch comparison

and finally onto the swatch, you can definitely tell a difference when i put them side by side.

watery cream has a cream like consistency (even though it looks real soft here, it's only like that because i messed up the squeezing process).
watery mousse does have an airy feel to it, you can see that after i pushed them out slightly in the upper right image.
water essence is nothing more than clusters of white stuff within a watery base. once i push it out, the white stuff disappears.

from the photo, the watery mousse seem to give off the most white case. in reality, both the watery cream and watery mousse gives off a slight white cast. it's not unwelcomed to me, because i do like that slight brightening effect.

the products have a very faint scent to them, smells like citrus to me.


on to the main claim: are these hydrating/moisturizing?
perhaps i have particularly dry skin, i don't find them extra hydrating or moisturizing. this may be a good news for people with oily skin. in fact, i think the nature republic sunscreen is way more moisturizing for my skin! i really love that!

i notice they leave my hands with a weird taut feeling after spreading the product out on my face (with the help of my hands). it's something i didn't quite like, and i don't know if it's the product or just my hands drying out naturally throughout the day. (the nature republic sunscreen also gave my palms a similar feeling)

these products are "foundation friendly", meaning they don't react with my foundations to produce little rubbery stuff. you'll know what i mean if you tried using a moisturizing gel prior to using a foundation.

in my opinion, these work as very wonderful make up base thanks to their light weight texture. the high SPF also means i can do without reapplication for a longer period of time. the fact that they absorb right into my skin makes it makeup friendly as i do not have to wait too long for it to sink in. i loved them for a while, that's why i repurchased the watery mousse. but after trying the nature republic, i think i found my new favourite, since i prefer a more moisturizing formula.

if you like a light weight and oil free sunscreen, give these a try! you make like it! if you want something more moisturizing, check out the nature republic california aloe sunscreen!

did i miss out anything? leave me a comment and i'll answer your queries!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

elf eyeshadow c brush essence brush smokey eyes review

another 3 brushes! this time it's the eyeshadow brushes! technically speaking i have 4, but i'll save that last one for another post because it's not something you can buy on its own.

for a very long time, i work without eyeshadow brushes because japanese eyeshadows have a formula that is best picked up by finger, also, the sheerer colour makes them extremely easy to work with and blend out. even unblended eyeshadow can look really natural, so i never saw a need to use a brush.

of course, as i learnt more about makeup, i realize certain tools are required to achieve certain looks. i purchased my first eyeshadow brush not knowing much. i thought all brushes were made equal - how wrong was i!!!

elf eyeshadow c brush essence brush smokey eyes review
placed next to iphone 5s for a size comparison.
from top to down: elf eyeshadow "C" brush | essence eyeshadow brush | essence smokey eyes brush

the online reviews for the elf eyeshadow C brush looked good, so i chose it. now i wonder if i'm using it wrongly or not, because i certainly did not experience the positive effect of this brush like the other users. there were only 2 eyeshadow brushes in the studio collection, i picked this over the angled contour brush. on hindsight, i think i should have picked the latter. this is a case of not knowing my needs and wants, which resulted in an unhappy purchase.

i purchased the two essence eyeshadow on a whim because they were really affordable. there're not much reviews online, but the price point is low enough for me to take the risk to test it out, and so i did. i quite like them, in fact, much more than the elf eyeshadow brush. i'll explain more in a moment.

elf eyeshadow c brush essence brush smokey eyes review

the elf eyeshadow "C" brush has the shortest bristles compared to the other two. it is also the widest. the essence eyeshadow brush has slightly longer bristles and a narrower width, which suited my smaller features pretty well. the smokey eyes brush is a bullet brush with a round top, the bristle are as long as the eyeshadow brush.

i learnt how important it is to judge a brush not just based on what others say, but also on how they appear. i'm not talking about the superficial packaging or appearance. how the brush look directly affects its application.

elf eyeshadow c brush essence brush smokey eyes review

comparing the side view of the elf studio eyeshadow "C" brush and the essence eyeshadow brush, you can tell that the former is much more denser (just look at the amount of hair it has! almost twice the width of the essence eyeshadow brush!).
// a denser brush tend to grab onto pigments, making them perfect for sheering out colours.

the roundness of the tip of the brush matters too. the elf studio eyeshadow "C" brush is much more rounded, whereas the essence eyeshadow brush is more tapered. this makes the latter more efficient at packing pigments instead of eating them all up into the brush (which was what the elf brush did to me... and i wondered why my eyeshadows appeared so sheer).
// a more tapered brush is better for packing colours onto the skin, while a rounder brush tend to hold onto pigments.

of course, the texture of the bristle matters too. i noticed the essence eyeshadow brush bristles are not as perfectly straight and smooth as the elf eyeshadow "C" brush, what this means is it has more surfaces to grip powder from the eyeshadow pan. the patting motion will deposit the pigments onto well primed lids.
// in effect, it appears that a brush with rougher bristles is able to apply colour much more efficiently.

lastly, the length of the bristle matters too. how so? the shorter the bristles, the harder the brush becomes. the bristles will maintain their position when you're brushing it back and forth, giving you a well defined boundary. whereas if you were you use a brush with longer bristles, chances are you'll end up with a more diffused boundary which blends in seamlessly into your natural skin tone.
// a stiffer brush (normally with shorter bristles) will result in more precise colour application, while a fluffy brush (normally has longer bristles) will give you a more diffused and well blended look.

using the above criteria, we can get a feel of what each brush work like.

ELF STUDIO EYESHADOW "C" BRUSH: eats up pigments like nobody's business, but it's awesome for blending out eyeshadow on top of eyeliner thanks to the stiffer bristles. i'd liken this to a chubby smudge brush. it's simply too huge for my eyes, not flexible to cover my eye hole, and doesn't do me much good. even though it sheers out the colour, the stiffer brush leaves behind a well defined boundary. may be useful if that's the look i'm going for, but more often than not, i prefer a slightly more blended look.

ESSENCE EYESHADOW BRUSH: soft enough to blend out colours pretty nicely, but it's strength is actually the ability to build and pack on colours on my lids. the tapered end is precise enough for me to use it on my lower lash line as well, which is always a good news for lazy bum like me because i don't fancy the idea of switching between 20 brushes to get one look done. the synthetic brush isn't as soft as they claimed - it's slightly scratchy, but it doesn't pose any problem to me. also, the bristles aren't all pointing in one single direction (honestly, i don't know if they are synthetic or not. they looked a little like natural hair because of that different direction thingy), resulting in some fall outs during application.

ESSENCE SMOKEY EYES BRUSH: even though the bristles have the same length as the eyeshadow brush, the increased density made it a little stiffer. this is perfect for blending out eyeliners with eyeshadow. the increased precision makes it more suited for my eyes as compared to the elf brush! also, this is wonderful for applying eyeshadow to my inner corners because it fit in just right! however, this isn't a blending brush, so don't expect this to blend out colours as flawless as an actual blending brush would.

i'm still trying to find better use for the elf eyeshadow "C" brush! i'm not the kind who'll discard of something just because it didn't work for me. instead, i try to work with it to see if i can discover new techniques or uses, sometimes they requires me to experiment and think out of the box. if i do chance upon something good, i'll share it again over here :D

after being exposed to so many different styles of makeup (god bless the internet!), i'm tempted to get a blending brush and experiment with more eye looks. if you have any affordable and good blending brushes, as well as shading brushes, do leave me a recommendation!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

valentine's day gift idea her makeup cosmetics floral cute pretty
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Make Up Junkie


i'm writing this entry with one idea in mind - bouquets. it may be a traditional thing to gift flowers to ladies, i might be an oddball but receiving flowers (even though it's a nice gesture, and flowers are beautiful) is probably the last on my list. but i wouldn't mind some floral themed products though :P

here are some products i'd like to own, or have caught my eyes. they're meant for the face instead of the vase :P (hey it rhymes!)

milani rose powder blush

i've been seeing this on my instagram feed a lot. i guess milani finally picked up the importance of product packaging and presentation. the prettier your makeup, the higher the chance of people posting it on their instagram because who doesn't love to see pretty makeup? they've been reviewed to be quite powdery, but really pigmented.

milani illuminating face powder

i'm not sure which came first, the powder blush, or the illuminating face powder. these are a series of pearly and glowy powder and it comes in three colours. the one shown above is good for the cheeks, while the other two look like bronzers to me.

innisfree mineral rose marbling highlighter brighter

this is a highlighter that's been pressed into a rose shape! it's a pity the embossing is less noticeable due to the reflectivity of the highlighter. it looks really pigmented from swatches online, you may wanna go with a light hand with this highlighter.

canmake glow fleur mat fleur highlighter cheeks

you've seen me mention these a dozen times by now, but i just have to bring them up again because their floral embossing makes them bouquet-worthy! the first product in the fleur series is the glow fleur cheeks, which provides a sheer glowy colour on those lovely cheeks. the glow fleur highlighter will give you a translucent air brushed finish, while the mat fleur cheeks is a matte version of the glow fleur cheeks.

les merveilleuses de laduree rose blush face color

before i forget, this is probably the only rose a girl needs on her vanity. nuff' said. amazon only have the larger version and it comes with a VERY stunning price tag. i found the mini on another online retailer for about USD60. perfect gift? :P

cath kidston floral make up case pouch rose

sometimes i find myself guilty for going crazy over floral prints because i was never too drawn to flowers, but there's something about floral prints. i was drawn to cath kidston because of their beautiful floral prints. it was love at first sight after first seeing it in japanese magazines. this make up case comes with a tiny mirror, making it convenient for touch ups when you're outside! it's also a lot more practical than an actual bouquet of flowers!

any other floral products that i should see!? let me know below!

all images taken from their respective official websites.
there are some affliated links in this entry.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Makeup Brush Collection Part 1: Face Brush Review
Makeup Brush Collection Part 1: Face Brush

it's taken me a while to come up with this post because initially, i had something big planned for such an entry.. but i realize something: since i'm constantly learning about new things, it's just not practical for me to come up with an entry AFTER i've done figuring out everything. so i'll just share what i currently know, and what i have.

you may be surprised to find out that i only have 3 face brushes. well, it's 4 including the small blush brush that came along with my media blushes. 3 is more than enough for me because they meet my every needs so far.

elf complexion powder brush review
placed next to an iphone 5s for better size comparison.
from left to right: elf powder brush | elf complexion brush | generic flat foundation brush

the first 2 face brushes belong to the elf studio line. i picked them for a variety of reasons.

1. they are made of synthetic taklon fibre, making them more resistant to washing while still maintaining a certain softness to them despite being synthetic. also, i have absolutely no idea on how to take care of makeup brushes then, so it's best for me to avoid animal hair brushes because i may just destroy them. these brushes are actually very very soft!

2. secondly, the price point is perfect for beginners. these were the first powder brushes i own, i bought them a few years ago when i just started to experiment with makeup. at USD$3 a pop, i won't waste too much money even if they don't work out for me.

3. they garnered a lot of good reviews on their website and the youtube community, so it's definitely worth checking out given the price point.

4. lastly, the aesthetic appeal to these screamed out to me - black everything!? THAT'S SO ME!

as for the generic foundation brush, i purchased it at a time when i know absolutely nothing about makeup. when i was 16, there wasn't anything like youtube around to teach me how to do makeup, let alone what i need to do my own makeup. i bought the first thing i saw that resembled a paint brush to apply my powder blush.

this must be the thought i had in my little mind back then: hey, a fluffy brush is the same as a dense brush since they are all brushes!

it took me several years before i realize this is actually a liquid foundation brush. thankfully, the powder blush i used last time wasn't too pigmented, otherwise i may be easily mistaken as having a severe rash on my face since this brush tend to deposit pigments in a very concentrated dose.

elf studio complexion brush powder brush review

GENERIC FLAT FOUNDATION BRUSH: it is flat as the name suggest, slightly tapered at the ends to reduce streakiness during application of liquid foundation. the hair is pretty dense, effectively soaking up quite a lot of my foundation when i do use it to blend things out. what i end up with is a very natural finish because well, most of the foundation isn't on my face! as the bristles are synthetic, i can wash this with any soap i have on hand - no need for a special brush cleaner! i've used this with my liquid foundations and it served me well.

personally, i do not have large pores, so this worked fine for me as i needed was something to spread the foundation evenly. thanks to its flatness, it poses some difficultly filling out a pore if you have larger pores.

ELF STUDIO COMPLEXION BRUSH: i feel like elf is trying to be creative with their naming of brushes, honestly i feel like it has backfired. what on earth do they mean by "complexion brush"? it's not like the brush can buff my face to give me a polished look. this should just be called a "fluffy powder brush". i use it for overall powdering and blusher, although i'm secretly hoping to get a smaller blush brush to reach the smaller crevices on my face. this brush is a multitasker, which is part of the reason why i can survive on only 3 brushes.

the fluffy nature means it deposits powder in a diffused manner. it's really perfect for setting my makeup with, or to add a touch of colour onto my cheeks ever so slightly.

ELF STUDIO POWDER BRUSH: again, don't be fooled by the name. this should be called a "flat top brush", and you can feel free to use it with powder or with liquid. the only downside to using it with liquid will be the difficult washing process later on. i foresee that happening, so i never used it with a liquid product! using this with any powder is a match made in heaven, especially if a polished and buffed face is what you're going for. the flat top ensures that all the powders are pushed into your pores, giving you the even complexion you wished for. i love love love using this to apply my powder foundation because it's quick and flawless - i just buff the powder in and i get a more even skin tone almost immediately! what's more, this is also another multi tasking product - i use it to buff my blush and highlighter on too. you may wanna check out my glowy skin tutorial where i showcased this brush.

i was actually bummed out when i first got this brush because i had no idea how to use it. thankfully after some experimenting, i quickly learnt that this is a really powerful brush that can change my life. this brush is awesome for foundation and other stuff. i won't recommend using this to set your makeup though, since you can't dust powder as lightly as a fluffy brush can.


thankfully for me, both the ELF brushes only shed a few hair in the beginning. after a few washes, i don't get anymore stray hair. the ferrule of the powder brush did become loose and i had to clamp it tight on my own though. nothing a pair of pliers won't solve!

with all that said, i'm still looking forward to acquiring a few more makeup brushes to experiment. i've mentioned a few brushes from sonia kashuk here, you can check them out to see if it interests you too! currently i'm most interested in a smaller domed brush so that i can do some precise powdering of my under eye area (as the elf complexion brush is just too huge).

are there any affordable and good makeup brushes to recommend me? let me know!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

7 asian bb creams must try check out worth
7 Asian BB Creams Worth Checking Out

in the world of BB creams, there's the asian and the western ones. there's still a slight difference between the two to me. call this asian pride, but i still believe that asians do it better when it comes to BB cream formulas, since it was made popular and perfected by koreans! also, asian BB creams tend to contain a lot more herbal extracts in their products instead of just synthetic chemicals. while this doesn't directly translate to a more effective products, it does make me feel like it's skin care benefits are better than the western counterparts (is it placebo effect?). below are a few BB creams that have made it into several rankings, or have been positively reviewed by the community.

also, i'm trying something new here! in the past i used to include links to the official website only, this time i've included amazon affliate links so you have one more purchasing options if you don't know where to get it from! it's affliated because.. why not!? if i'm going to add a link anyway, i wouldn't mind some little incentive coming my way :)

sulwhasoo snowise whitening essence bb cream

this was the BB cream winner for allure's best in beauty 2014! with SPF50, you can probably skip the sunscreen step. it also contains anti aging and whitening ingredients, claiming to maintain skin hydration and brightness all day long. sulwhasoo is the premium brand by amore pacific, do expect a heftier price tag for this. comes in two shades.

etude house precious mineral blooming fit

this has been a best seller for many years! from the reviews i've seen online, the precious mineral line has a pretty high coverage, comparable to that of a foundation. if you're looking for an affordable BB cream that gives you decent coverage, lightweight formula for a natural look, sun protection and skin brightening effects, this may suit your needs! there are 3 products in the precious mineral line, cotton fit gives you a powdery finish while perfect fit seems to gives you higher coverage (according to the official website). comes in three shades.

missha m signature real compelte bb cream

missha is probably the first brand to release BB creams in more than one shades, breaking the "one shade fits all" trend in the past. it's currently the 4th on the @cosme "words of mouth" ranking. formulated with herbal extracts, this BB cream is perfect for sensitive and troubled skin. as with other korean BB creams, it also contains whitening and anti aging ingredients. available in four shades.

sekkisei white bb cream

if you're in need of whitening and brightening, sekkisei would be your go-to choice. the herbal extracts will brighten and nourish your skin. sekkisei has a reputation for delivering what it claims! don't believe me? this item won 2nd place in the 2013 @cosme best BB cream ranking! the light weight texture will give you a natural coverage. if you are sensitive towards mineral oil, this is also mineral oil free! available in two shades.

holika holika aqua petit jelly bb

i've seen quite a number of good reviews for this BB cream - it's got a rating of 4.1 on the makeupalley review site! what's new is its jelly texture as opposed to the creamy type BB creams you usually see in the market. the high water content makes it very lightweight. i would expect this to have a lighter coverage than the etude house and missha BB cream, would be perfect for those who just need a slight brightening and evening of skin tones. comes in two shades.

freshel mineral bb cream

this clinched 3rd place on the urcosme BB cream ranking. in fact, it was very popular in japan a few years ago as it is extremely convenient and time saving since you get coverage, sun protection, and hydration all at one go. moreover, it was really affordable (within japan) too! formulated with hyaluronic acid and collagen for hydration, users rated it as a highly hydrating BB cream while having a non-sticky finish. coverage is light to medium, allowing you to create a natural look easily. think of this as a tinted moisturizer! comes in two colours.

ettusais mineral bb cream

ranked 5th on the urcosme BB cream ranking, and a rating of 4.1 on makeupalley, it is touted to hide pores and control oil. this mineral BB cream may be suitable for those with oily skin. people who've used it says it's easy to blend out to give them a natural coverage, it also brightens their skin. comes in three colour variations to cater to more skin tones.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Difference between BB cream and foundation
Based on my observations.

according to webMD, BB creams is said to originate from germany where dermatologist formulated it for patients who've just underwent laser treatments in order to cover the temporary post-treatment redness. it is known as a "blemish balm", or "beauty balm", suggesting a product with a considerably thicker consistency, most probably for a better coverage.

the BB cream that i personally come to know of originated from korea, since the koreans were the ones who made them popular. for a very long time, i've been trying to distinguish the difference between a foundation and a BB cream. i'm sure many of you have been confused like me! after years of careful observation and research, i've finally arrived at an answer.

BB cream basically embodies everything a busy and/or lazy woman may want - moisturizing, priming, sun protection, and slight coverage in an all in one package. if you're still not clear what a BB cream is, it's an all-in-one product (much like the two in one shampoo and conditioners).

there isn't any standard definition for BB creams. as a young girl, i was told that a BB cream is skin care product with some coverage. while it's not entirely false, this could be misleading because i actually thought that it's okay to not remove the BB cream after the entire day since "it's a skin care product!". it's not.

how so is the BB cream different from the foundation? to be honest, not much difference!!! in fact, you can probably make your own BB cream by mixing a full coverage foundation with a sunscreen and moisturizing cream of your choice!

Difference between BB cream and foundation

of course, this wasn't the case many years ago. makeup formulation has changed over the years to match itself to the market demand. the success of an all-in-one product means that more foundations are having multiple functions these days, so it's safe to say that foundations aren't that different from BB creams anymore.

the functions of specific BB creams/foundation varies between product lines. asian BB creams tend to promote the whitening and brightening benefits, whereas western BB creams tend to promote mattifying or oil control effects. just goes to show how different the two markets are.

we may have been led to believe that BB creams and foundations are two separate entities. that may be true a decade ago, but that boundary isn't there anymore! the same goes for tinted moisturizers, which is again, a blend of foundation and a moisturizing base. i will expect the tinted moisturizer to have a lighter coverage than most bb creams and foundations though.

Difference between BB cream and foundation
for comparison purpose, i put together two popular base products! you get the idea.

when i think of BB creams, what appears in my head is a foundation with a stiffer formula - more like whipped cream than a liquid. perhaps that's the only difference between a bb cream and a liquid foundation that i can currently think of. the stiffer consistency means you have more control over the product, allowing you to work with your fingers instead of relying on brushes or sponges.

in conclusion, a BB cream is much alike a foundation in terms of capabilities, both offers a wide range of benefits depending on the brand and product line. there is really a formulation for every different needs - anti aging, whitening, mattifying, oil control - you name it, they have it.

when it comes to making a decision between the two, you're better off asking yourself what tools you like to apply your foundation with. if you like fingers, then give BB creams a chance! otherwise, stick to foundations that you already have, because buying a BB cream when you already have a foundation is just a waste of money and space, since the foundation can do just the same thing the BB cream can do! well, unless you have the space and money, then, be my guest.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

admit it, packaging matters to a certain extent! i have no shame admitting the attention i pay to packaging.
it's kind of the like icing on a really delicious cake, bringing things to a different level of enjoyment.
and don't we all like to admire beautiful things? aesthetics adds colours to an otherwise mundane life.
here is a list of cosmetics that caught my heart with their really good looks (quality not guaranteed though!).

etude house is noctorious for their cute packaging. their princess etoinette series deserve a place on every girl's vanity. if there's a princessy side hidden in you that is :P


this made it onto my list, which is kind of unsurprising because i've always loved their simple and classy design. gold metallic casing coupled with their logo, all in shiny metals!


i cannot talk about beautiful cosmetics without mentioning jill stuart's beauty products. they are mainly sold in japan and asian countries. their impeccable packaging is just.. spot on for majority of the asian ladies who love princessy designs. they also know that girls love bling, so each item is encrusted with a swarovski crystal.


the lip gloss packaging has gem stone cuts at the bottom, did you notice? calling this lip jewel can't be more appropriate than this!


i'm not sure if they're the first to come up with a floral design for blushers, but it's definitely the first i've come to know of. isn't this the cutest ever!? if the price tag is too hefty, i've got you covered. scroll down just a little.


canmake copied anna sui's concept, and i love it! i own one of these and i love the sheer colours and slight glow! featuring this in my instagram #motd photos always make it look that much cuter. i admit i do have a princess living inside me.. but just keep that between you and me, okay?


this is laduree's new product for spring 2015 and it's not available on their website yet! a lot of their face and cheek products are egg shaped, reminding me of the fabergĂ© eggs. they'll look dainty on my vanity! 

perhaps you know them by their cult product, the face colour rose laduree. they pressed the colour powder into petals! i don't think i will ever use it just so i can preserve it's beauty.

another jill stuart product! each blush compact comes with a portable blush brush, encrusted with another crystal! and it's pink!


another product line under shiseido, coffret d'or's blush combines a cheek colour and highlighter colour into a lovely swirl.

their limited edition has a floral pattern embossed into the powder! YESSSSS.


i've always been intrigued by the faceted design, it looks like gem stones forced onto a 2D perspective. it looks sophisticated yet edgy at the same time. the price tag is quite an eye opener though. i've heard many good things about how fine the powder is and how natural the glow is, but still!!! i find it hard to justify the price.


i'm not too familiar with this japanese brand, but their product packaging caught my attention when i was flipping through japanese magazines. eyeshadows being pressed into a jewel's shape, how lovely! and luxurious!


another 2015 spring new release! i love the bezel on the shadows! make them look like gem stones. by now you should know what elements capture my heart :P according to their website, they have reformulated it for a more even application.  maybe someday i'll own my first givenchy eyeshadow palette? i think they look more promising than the chanel les 4 ombre palette.

if you know of any beautiful products, let me know so i can take a look at them!

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