Friday, February 27, 2015

4 Reasons why you shouldn't dress according to a guy's taste

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Are you sporting these fashion trends that men dislike?

in this article from huffington post, they highlighted 23 fashion trends that guys hate but women love. that includes peplum cuts, wedge sneakers, bright lipsticks, even leggings!?

in chinese there's an idiom that says "a girl dresses up for the person she adores".
that saying is so out dated, it doesn't fit in today's world anymore.

i'm telling you right now:
who cares about what guys like or dislike?
i think the only rule we should live by is to like what we wear, feel comfortable in what we don on our body, and choose styles that is most suitable for ourselves.
why? here are 4 reasons:

first thing first, most guys know nothing about women's fashion.
it's just like how most girls barely know anything about cars. and a guy certainly won't choose a car using our standards!
as long as we look coordinated, it wouldn't trigger an alarm in the guy's brain.
let's face it, all the clothes look the same to guys, just like how all cars look the same to us (to me at the very least).
it's only fair to not expect them to understand how the high waisted skirt can elongate our body's silhouette, or how that pair of louboutins can lengthen our legs visually.
majority of the men are merely an audience who admire women's style as though they're looking at art pieces in the louvre - they'll go OOH that looks nice and then move on.

secondly, it's your confidence that guys latch on to, not the clothes on your body.
and where does confidence come from?
it comes from within - your acceptance of yourself, feeling comfortable with yourself, and affirmations from the external world (which mostly stemmed from the confidence you exude).
dressing for yourself will make sure you feel your best because your appearance is aligned with your own ideal.
there's really no point in wearing clothes that he likes, but you know very well how bad it'll look on you.

take for example, i know i don't look good in tube tops because it cuts into the fats around my armpit area and make me look like i have 4 boobs. just because a guy like tube top doesn't mean i have to put myself through that mental (and physical) discomfort! if i don't feel comfortable with my own appearance, i'll end up feeling awkward and NOT be myself. i know how i behave when i don't feel confident, i become less outgoing and proactive.

thirdly, who knows what suits us best other than ourselves?
well, i can tell you the secret to dressing well - choose whatever clothes that makes you feel most confident in.
ever wondered why some people can rock certain clothes well while you can't even though you both have the same body shape?
it's probably got something to do with how you feel!
if you feel like it makes you look good, it will make you look good.
if not, you'll just feel awkward and start acting all awkward too.
our behaviors reflect our inner state of mind, just make sure to let your true self shine through.

with that said, it's still important to choose clothes that suits you, one that will accentuate what you have and polish what you lack.

lastly, as the guy host in the video said..
"we don't like you in clothes".
nuff' said.

girls, please remember this by heart: you look most beautiful when you love yourself.
start loving yourself by aligning your ideals with reality by shifting both your ideals and reality towards each other.

you can thank me later :D

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