Monday, June 30, 2014

Kate Diamond Cut Eyes BK-1
Kate Diamond Cut Eyes BK-1

as you can see i'm starting to feel a little more brisky and adventurous with my colour choice after dabbling with make up after some time.
i think i can rock this blue palette! (keyword: i think)
this palette come with 4 colours, but i think it's actually 3 in reality, since the diamond shade on the top left is a mere wash of shimmer and glitter. there is next to no colour to them.

as usual, the packaging is the sleek black plastic case and it is embossed on the inside to make the eyeshadow appear to be grooved. it comes with a dual end sponge chip, one side is slimmer than the other to allow for more precise eye lining with the darkest shade.

a look at the website tells me that kate is probably phasing this out soon as well. i didn't know time flew by so quickly. the diamond cut eyes were introduced in spring of 2009, that's a good 5 years from then, when mika nakashima was still the spokesperson (i prefer her to the new one btw).

the "diamond" shades were the only one that has embossing on it, it has worn out a little over the years.

Kate Diamond Cut Eyes BK-1 Swatch

Kate Diamond Cut Eyes BK-1 Swatch
swatched over foundation powder.

(bottom right, bottom left, top right, gold diamond, silver diamond)
the diamond shades has a harder consistency, making it slightly harder to pick up the powder with a brush or finger. the other shades are butter smooth and soft.

from left to right,
the darkest shade is a blackish blue with silver micro shimmer. a very gorgeous shade!
the medium shade is a slightly greyish blue, with a slight pearly and shimmery finish to it.
the lightest shade is a frosted light blue, perfect for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes and brow bones.
the gold and silver contains glitter of the respective colours. it appears golden and silver in the swatch, but upon blending out only the glitters remains while the "base colour" disappears.

i admit i bought this palette because it looked really good on mika nakashima in the ads :X
in reality this palette is a little hard to rock as it's not a very common day time colour.
i usually wear this when i party, which serves that purpose very well because i love how the shimmer in the darkest shade brings out the contrast in the colours. ok, let's just say i'm a fan of "understated glam", i like dark bling!
also, the diamond shades adds that mysterious shine to my eyes whenever the lights flashes and hit my eyes. i can already imagine guys seeing my diamond shimmery eyes when they are high in their world, everything seems dreamy and ethereal.
even though i don't wear this palette that often, but i love it whenever i have the chance to wear this. i can't remember a time when i didn't use this palette when i hit the club. hahaha this is officially my club eye shadow palette!!!

i got this for HKD$115 in hongkong sasa.


Friday, June 27, 2014

Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioner (Review)
Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioner (Review)

another product that i didn't buy when i had the chance to in hong kong. it wasn't on my radar then as i haven't researched that much into this line yet, but once i got back to singapore.. DAMN IT, why didn't i get it!? it has such good reviews being the cheap and good astringent. even though it's named "skin conditioner", it really is an astringent as it contains witch hazel extract, and also some other hydrating things inside (note: this is the equivalent of an american toner), so it's slightly different from the toners - this comes before the toner.

if there is one thing i want you to know about this product, it's the wonderful damask rose scent. it smells so luxurious and relaxing, I LOVE USING IT!

Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioner (Review)
what's pink and chubby and fits right into my hand? i love the packaging!

Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioner (Review)
they have chinese instructions on the outermost wrapping.

"what's special about this skin conditioner: it is formulated for pore ridden, oily, and/or dry skin. contains natural organic rose water, job's tears extract, witch hazel etc. it is able to penetrate into the skin to shrink pores, control sebum production, and quickly returns the pH of the skin (to a slightly acidic state) after face washing.

directions: after washing your face, apply some onto a cotton pad and gently pat into your skin until it is absorbed. it contain lotion ingredients. when paired with the skin conditioning gel, your skin will remain hydrated even after a long time."

Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioner (Review)
if you don't already know, rose water has moisturizing properties.

when coupled with all the other active ingredients, this is a moisturizing astringent that can help to control sebum production. soap and face wash are usually alkaline and that disrupts the acid balance on the skin. the skin conditioner is able to return the skin to a slightly acidic environment. lastly, it shrinks pores. it's like a product that targets all possible troubles!

the ingredients as obtained from their official website:

i'll try to translate all those ingredients into english:
water, denatured alcohol, butylene glycol, damask rose water, coix seed extract, witch hazel leaf extract, chlorohydroxy Al, sorbitol, lactic acid, sodium lactate, methylparaben, ethylparaben, fragrance.

Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioner (Review)
there is a small opening, preventing too much product from being poured out.

Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioner (Review)
it looks like plain water, feels like water, flows like water too.

Meishoku Organic Rose Skin Conditioner (Review)
it also absorbs pretty quickly too!


texture: watery, absorbs fairly quickly.
after-feel: no sticky feeling, skin feels hydrated and smooth right after application.


i've been using it for almost a month now, and i notice the oils on my forehead isn't as much as it used to be. BUT i'll keep observing to see what happens. i did follow the suggestion to use it with a cotton pad for the first few days, but i got lazy and started patting it in with my palms instead.

honestly speaking, the rose scent was such a delight, it probably distorted my views on it. but.. I REALLY LOVE THE SCENT. it's as though even if this product doesn't do what it says, i'll still keep using it because the of the aromatherapeutic effects. and i feel so pampered when i use this.

everything about this product is on point - packaging, price, scent, and application. i'm slowly seeing effects too so i think i'll be in love with it for a very long time.

my gf picked this up for me in HK for HKD$79.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Heroine Make, Canmake, Maybelline Haul and Swatch (Video)

before you jump to the conclusion that i haul very often.. i don't. as mentioned in the video, my dad got back from HK so i thought it's a good chance to get some items that i've been eyeing for a while! you probably won't be seeing another haul anytime soon.

this time it's a mini haul from hong kong. i called it a sasa haul, but it's not entirely true because some items were bought from other shops (like colourmix and bonjour).

if you haven't already watched the video! unlike the korean cosmetics, all of the items i tried are unscented (except for the solid perfume)

Heroine Make Canmake Maybelline heavy rotation Haul & Swatch
the family photo!

HEROINE MAKE__________________________________________________________________

heroine make long volume curl wp mascara
long and curl mascara super WP | volume and curl mascara super WP

heroine make long volume curl wp mascara brush
brush design for: long and curl mascara super WP | volume and curl mascara super WP

i haven't opened them yet because i need to clear out some of my stash before i open them up. they have to queue up to be used :'D i bought back ups for a few of my older mascaras so i have to use those first. BUT i will open these soon enough. wait for it.

i already own the third generation, the volume and curl mascara S. hahaha now i'm wondering what the 5th generation will be called.. maybe super duper X.

price: HKD82 // SGD21.90
size: 8g
official website here

HEAVY ROTATION__________________________________________________________

heavy rotation coloring eyebrow 03 ash brown
heavy rotation coloring eyebrow 03 ash brown

heavy rotation coloring eyebrow 03 ash brown
brush design: heavy rotation coloring eyebrow 03 ash brown

more information: heavy rotation coloring eyebrow 03 ash brown

i used to have a brow mascara from fasio, but it has grown old and it stinks (omg germ alert) so i have been left without one for quite some time, which doesn't actually bother me because i'm no longer into that super light brow look. but deep down i'm still more inclined towards japanese style makeup, i wanted to keep one handy. i was debating between kate's eyebrow mascara and the heavy rotation. this won because.. of that cosme ranking. hahahahahha why not try something new, right? after all i've already owned so many kate products, time to expand my stash.

i haven't opened it yet because i don't want it to have the same fate of my previous tube. i'll use it in my future tutorials, so you'll see it in action soon enough!

i got it in 03 ash brown, which is a more yellow tone and darker shade (if you can refer to the image above, there's a small chart that shows you the difference between all the colours. it goes from yellow to orange from left to right, and bright to dark from up to down)

price: HKD59
size: 8g

official website here


glow fleur cheek 04
glow fleur cheek 04

glow fleur cheek 04
more information: glow fleur cheek 04

glow fleur cheek 04 swatch
swatched: glow fleur cheek 04

i think canmake's product development manager saw the anna sui blush and drew inspiration from that. they look too eeriely similar - if i de-pot this and laid them both next to each other, i'll probably pass both off as the same product.

i got this in 04, strawberry fleur. what a suitable name, because i do think it reminds me of strawberry milk! shade 5 and 3 are pink and the more pigmented ones, with 5 having the stronger colour. 2 and 4 have a peachy colour, while 1 is a very light pink. all tends to be sheer and pearly, with micro shimmer.

on the back of the packaging, they suggest swirling the brush 2-3 times around shades 2-5 to apply onto the cheek as a blush, and to apply 1 on the protruding parts of the cheeks as a highlight.

price: HKD96
size: 5g

official site here


maybelline lip polish glam 2 | glam 14 lip elixir
lip polish glam 2 | glam 14

lip polish, lip elixir, they're the same thing with a different name. i got them in two shades, glam 2, and glam 14.

maybelline lip polish glam 2 | glam 14 lip elixir swatch
lip polish glam 14 | glam 2

maybelline lip polish glam 2 | glam 14 lip elixir swatch
lip polish glam 14 | glam 2

maybelline lip polish glam 2 swatch
lip polish glam 2 on my lips

maybelline lip polish glam 2
screen shot from my video! a comparison of how glam 2 looks like on my hand and my lips.

glam 2 is a vibrant hot pink while glam 14 is a nude beige colour. maybe some will call it taupe. it's a 3 in one lip product - lip stick, lip balm, lip gloss. whatever, to me it's just a pigmented and slightly more moisturizing lip gloss. it's texture is slightly heavier and creamier than a usual gloss.

see above swatch and watch out for the shimmers. VERY SHIMMERY. those little dark spots on glam 2 are the glitters that were reflecting light away from the camera. at first i thought i have some infestation (they look like insect eggs!!! URGH) going on, scared the crap out of me.

my first impression of this lip product: a tad too heavy for my liking, easily results in uneven application. however, thanks to the thick-ish formula, the product is very moisturizing and hydrating.

price: HKD89
size: 5ml
official site here

CRABTREE AND EVELYN___________________________________________________________

iris solid perfume.
this is not a purchase! my dad gifted it to me :D since it's a solid, it's very travel friendly, and the scent lingers quite well on my skin too. a very soft floral scent, very relaxing.

i can't seem to find this product on its website though!? is this old? hmm, whatever! it smells good :D

price: ??? dad threw it in as a gift :D
size: 2.3g
official site here


canmake glow fleur cheek 04 maybelline lip polish glam 2
wearing the canmake glow fleur cheek (too heavily) and maybelline lip polish in glam 2 (blotted)

i blotted the shine off, the lippie stains a little as you can see in the photo! a glowy hot pink! also, even though i commented that the blush looks very sheer when i swatched it on my hand, they are actually quite pigmented when i got it on my cheeks. i think 1 swirl will probably be enough.

saw any product that you would like me to try first? let me know!


Monday, June 23, 2014

L'oreal Shine Caresse 801 Princess

also known as the Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in america, this lip product is both a lip gloss and a lip stain. i guess the asian head quarters decided that the name is too long and shorten it to just shine caresse. 801 princess is equivalent to "coral tattoo" in america.

the lip stain aims to provide lasting moisture, while doing what a lip gloss don't usually do - to impart a vibrant and pigmented colour to your lips. in other words.. this is a very pigmented lip gloss.

applied thinly and spreaded out on the left, and applied thick on the right.

shine caresse 801 princess is a very vibrant orange. it was so vibrant that my camera almost failed to capture it's true colour, because it looks almost red. it actually appears redder whem i'm indoor under fluorescent light.

on its website it claims to give a lightweight colour, but the application is quite tacky in reality, not as lightweight as i thought it'd be (if i were to compare it to the nature republic by flower triple volume tint, the latter is more watery and hence more lightweight). it actually feels sticky and viscous, and yes, it's a hair magnet too. the finish is a glossy finish as expected, judging from the gooey-ness of the product. i don't know what's the usual percentage of water content in lip glosses, but this has 30% apparently, but i don't feel that it helps to keep my lips hydrated throughout the day even though it remains shiny. you know that feeling when your skin feels dehydrated even though on the surface it looks shiny and glossy? my lips just don't feel soft anymore after prolonged wear.

the pigmentation is alright, i like that i can control the level of pigmentation by toggling with the amount of product i wear. if i want to use this as a lip tint, i'll go light handed. conversely, i will wear at least 2 coats when i feel like wearing a bold orange lip.

this is a lipstain, i realized it takes some time for the staining action to occur. i wasn't able to capture the stain left by the product as i cleaned it off too quickly (within 5 minutes). but they do stain the lips after i tried to remove it at the end of the day, only realizing i can't. if you want to make sure you get all of them off, apply vaseline after removing your lip makeup with a lip makeup remover, give it a night before wiping the vaseline off your lips the next morning. you'll realize some of the colours that seeped into your skin will be transferred to the piece of tissue.

this product is scented, the best i can describe it is a lemon tea scent. a long time ago, the body shop used to have a perfume that is called lemon tea, and this smells exactly like that even though lemon tea in reality do not smell like this. but it got lodged in my scent memory as lemon tea from then onwards. i love this scent, and enjoy smelling it from my lips :) well, until the scent wears off (or is it because my nose got used to it?) that is.

i love the scent, i love the initial surge of moisture, i love the wet look, and of course the colour too. and i totally don't mind having to clean this off after a few hours to reapply again to get rid of that hidden dry feeling in the lips. it's weird, because a lip gloss is supposed to be more hydrating than a usual lipstick. maybe i shouldn't be greedy and just reapply when necessary :P

if you're looking for a bold lip colour with a wet and glossy finish, and would like to stain your lips so that you won't have to worry about the colour being uneven, you may like this product.

i bought this from guardian for $18.90 when it was having a promotion.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Innisfree Olive Real Skin (Review)
Innisfree Olive Real Skin (Review)

i'm only doing my research for this product right now as i'm writing this because i received this as a gift from my relative. it's a toner, but koreans call then "skin". this is different from what americans call toners though. this is NOT an astrigent. asian toners are meant to be used after washing our face to prepare our skin for the other skin care we'll be using after. by hydrating our face with the toner, it supposedly allows the skin to absorb active ingredients better later.

most toners i've used are oil free, so this is definitely something new for me. it contains organic extra virgin olive oil. it's emulsified to form this slightly thick emulsion that is surprisingly light on my skin and is absorbed quickly. the scent is SO LOVELY - a slight tinge of citrus.

from its website, it claims to be

A highly enriched hydrating skin with nutritious organic olives to fill in the skin with nutrition.
so this is a very basic toner that aims to hydrate the skin. nutrition wise.. ERRR. if my skin is getting nutrition from the outside, i'll have to be very worried.

Innisfree Olive Real Skin (Review)
their brand is all about being organic and eco friendly, part of their brand image i guess!

Innisfree Olive Real Skin Ingredient

it's nice of them to include english ingredients and usage information.

i look a look at its ingredients, the top ingredients are water, propanediol, butylene glycol, and butylene glycol, all are humectants that will help retain moisture on the skin.

olive oil is pretty high up there too! don't worry about the alcohol because this toner is NOT DRYING at all. the alcohol is probably there to open up pathways for the skin to absorb more product. there're a lot of other natural extracts, even though i don't know their purpose and effects. 

apparently they don't contain parabens, but they have phenoxyethanol as the preservative to make its shelf life longer.

it comes with a little white stopper to prevent spillage. you can throw that away after you transport it home safely! the opening may be a little too huge for my liking. i try to do a magic trick everytime i pour it out of the bottle by tipping the bottle really really quickly, so quickly that you can't see my hands move at all.

Innisfree Olive Real Skin (Review)

it's a little cloudy, afterall, it's an emulsion. a little bit thicker than water, but still quite watery.

Innisfree Olive Real Skin (Review)

from start to finish it didn't even take a minute. it absorbs very quickly. my hands returned to its matte looking state after all that patting. on my face, there can be a little sheen (but that is desired by me).


texture: slightly viscous, spreads easily and absorbs quickly.
after-feel: no adhesive feeling like the hyaluronic acid toners made me feel. skin feels soft and hydrated but not for long.
fragrance: slightly citrus scented, makes me feel like a salad with the olive oil dressing and a dash of lemon juice.


i've used this for a good half a year, but i haven't been very consistent with it as i switch in and out with the whitening toner that i have. it does a good job preparing my skin for what comes next. i feel that the oil in the toner helps open up my skin to other oil based ingredients in my creams, so that's a good thing.

since there isn't that sticky feeling that hyaluronic acid toners give me, those who dislike that feeling may be interested in this product. however, i feel that this product isn't moisturizing on its own. i definitely need to throw on a cream after that. you know how come oils can make you feel dry? you'd be surprised that this toner doesn't leave me feeling oily at all. i guess all that olive oil got absorbed by my skin instead of sitting on top forming a protective film to keep it hydrated.

all in all, i enjoy using this product, partly because i really love the scent. it makes applying my skin care a pleasure.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How To : Korean Ulzzang/Uljjang Make Up (Ft. Aegyo Sal)

back with a makeup tutorial! this is a look that i never thought of wearing because i have an eye bag that may interfere with the aegyo sal, but i figured out a way to overcome that.. until i start smiling that is. i guess you probably already know what the aegyo sal is if you are interested in this look, so i'll save my breath.

the most important thing for this look is none other than concealing the dark circles. "resetting" it to a canvas that we can work on is always a goal, but this look will draw attention to the lower eye lid area, driving the need for perfect concealing more so than usual.

your base makeup should look natural yet brightening - being visually flawless is the aim. the eye makeup will remain bright and light, paired with sharp, black and thin eyeliner that will elongate the eyes naturally. korean straight eyebrows and the aegyo sal are definitely part of the package. the lips and cheek are really up to you, but i went with a vibrant yet tinted look so that the entire look remains refreshing and light.

watch the video here!

PRODUCTS USED____________________________________________________________

from left to right, clockwise:
1. innisfree olive real skin (emulsion type toner)
2. dr jart+ detox healing black label bb cream
3. sonia kashuk hidden agenda concealer 07
4. nature republic provence blending highlighter
5. kate designing eyebrow N (EX-4)
6. maybelline lashionista mascara
7. heroine make smooth liquid liner (black)
8. innisfree no-sebum mineral powder
9. lavshuca melting eyes (BR)
10. innisfree creamy lip mousse (05 vitamin red)



click on image to enlarge!

step 1: massage and pat the lotion until everything is absorbed into skin. the lotion keeps the face hydrated and helps to impart some dewiness to it.
step 2: brighten and even out skin tone with a moisturizing foundation of your choice, as long as the foundation is NOT matte.
step 3: conceal the under eye circles!!! colour correct with the darker shade before brightening with the lighter shade. cover any other spots too.
step 4: apply the liquid highlighter onto the forehead, nosebridge, and cheek area for the extra glow.
step 5: powder the brow and nose area to absort any oils. stay away from the forehead as we want to retain that glow, and powdering it will mattify it.

click on image to enlarge!

step 6: fill in your brows, keep it short, straight and full. if you don't know how to get a korean style eyebrow, don't worry! i've done a separate tutorial (both video and pictorials included).
step 7: apply the eyeshadow according to the steps above. the shimmery eyeshadows will add a jewel effect to brighten up the eyes.
step 8: line your eyes accordingly. the aim is to lengthen the eyes. keep the eyeliner as thin as possible, according to your own eye shape.

click on image to enlarge!step 9: squint to locate the muscle that makes your eyes look puffy, it's the one that pops up. highlight along it and blend it out a little.
step 10: squint again to locate the natural shadows, mix the two shades of brown together and swipe along the shadow gently.
doing so will give your eyes the puffy look without you squinting/smiling all the time.

click on image to enlarge!

step 11: lash up! for lenghtening formula, wiggle just a little bit to make sure the lashes are captured by the wand, and then pull it upwards and outwards to distribute the fibres in that direction. you'll end up with natural and long lashes.

click on image to enlarge!step 12: apply the lip product onto your lips and smack it to blend it out into a light tint.
step 13: warm a dot of lip product between your fingers and apply to cheeks.

i also made an instagram version :D

click on image to enlarge!

FINISHED LOOK____________________________________________________________

hope you all like the look! the eyes are so crisp and clean, i really like how it looks. however i'd go without the aegyo sal on a normal day because my uni-eye bag (i only have it on one side of my eye!) makes it hard for me to rock this look. there are just some looks that i can't work it, this is one of them. but that doesn't stop me from sharing my tips with you all!

if you tried this look out, take a photo, share it on instagram and tag me @madokeki, because i'd love to see your version of it! remember to always tweak the makeup looks to suit yourself!

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