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Innisfree, Nature Republic, Etude House Haul & Swatch (Video)

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Innisfree, Nature Republic, Etude House Korean Beauty Haul & Swatch (Video)

this is a rather massive haul to me because i've never spent a hundred bucks at one go just to buy a load of cosmetics. i usually collect small purchases over time! so this is definitely a first for me. i'm really excited to share all my good buys with you all!!!

i did my research and rounded down my purchases to these items. to me they are all bang for the buck, if you're a deal shopper just like me, read on (i tried to include all the information including price and size)! ANNNNND, if you don't have the time to sit through my video, below is the condensed version of the video :D but if you have 13 minutes to spare, my video could be potentially entertaining :P it's so long this time round because i swatched most of the product and i wanted to show my initial reactions to it. not scripted, not staged. just a one take video from start to finish.

Innisfree nature republic etude house haul swatch
the family photo :D


innisfree no sebum primer powder lip mousseno-sebum mineral primer | creamy tint lip mousse 05 vitamin red | no-sebum mineral powder

innisfree no sebum primer powder lip mousse
unboxed: no-sebum mineral primer | creamy tint lip mousse 05 vitamin red | no-sebum mineral powder

NO-SEBUM MINERAL PRIMER___________________________________________________

no-sebum mineral primer
no-sebum mineral primer. blended out on the right.

it mattified my hand and blurred out the lines. similar to the maybelline pore eraser in terms of texture and visible differences, but the latter don't seem to be sebum controlling. i've did a mini test the other day and it kept my forehead shine free (it was only a few hours though), WOW. heavy herb scent.

price: 10000 won
size: 25ml
innisfree official site

NO-SEBUM MINERAL POWDER___________________________________________________

innisfree no sebum mineral powder
no-sebum mineral powder. well blended on the right.

the powder also serves to control shine, it goes on translucent and isn't cakey at all. very smooth due to the silicones, have yet to try this out yet. has a slight herbal scent similar to that of the primer. this is the best selling item from innisfree! HAD TO TRY IT.

price: 6000 won
size: 5g
innisfree official site

CREAMY TINT LIP MOUSSE___________________________________________________

creamy tint lip mousse 05 vitamin red
creamy tint lip mousse 05 vitamin red. worn lightly in the middle, and full on red lips on the right.

slightly scented, very pigmented and creamy, blends really well and applies very evenly. stays creamy with a touch of slight sheen as you have seen in my video (even though my video is 13 minutes long, the actualy run time prior to cutting is half an hour). definitely works better than a normal lipstick thanks to the added moisture. I LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTT. the colour is a very bright red, slightly neon in my opinion, which was what allowed the colour to stay true even on my lips. smells like candy.

price: 10000 won
size: 4.8ml
innisfree official site

NATURE REPUBLIC___________________________________________________________

california aloe sun block spf50 | provence blending highlighter | shine blossom blusher 05 shading beige

unboxed: california aloe sun block spf50 | provence blending highlighter | shine blossom blusher 05 shading beige

CALIFORNIA ALOE SUN BLOCK___________________________________________________

california aloe sun block spf50. blended out on the right.

very moisturizing, feels like a cream to me. smells like cucumber. and has a very slight white cast, good if you wanna brighten your face. bad if you have darker skin tone as this may look like an ashy cast.

price: 25800 won (but it was on 50% off at 12900 won)
size: 100ml

PROVENCE BLENDING HIGHLIGHTER______________________________________________

provence blending highlighter. half blended in the centre, fully blended on the right.

i described it as liquid-y in the video, but as you can see it actually doesn't drip or flow when it's on my hand. the moment you touch it it becomes a very light weight liquid that blends out really easily. i don't wanna know what kind of chemicals they added inside to make it blend like that. ignorance is bliss? haha! the highlighter is wonderful. it has a slight pinkish tint to it, but once you blended it out you can't tell the pink at all. just an awesome pearly product that sinks into the skin to fake the "i just woke up with this glow" look. slightly scented.

price: 10900 won
size: 40ml

SHINE BLOSSOM BLUSHER 05 SHADING BEIGE__________________________________

shine blossom blusher 05 shading beige. swatched heavily on left, blended out on right.

smells heavenly! similar scent to the blending highlighter, only heavier. it has a slight pearly finish, sans shimmer, feels like a skin toned highlighter to me that would work as a bronzer on my cheeks. i thought i could use this as a shading powder but it's too light to do that for me (aka my skin is a little dark). powder is soft, blends easily, WONDERFUL.

price: 6900 won

if you're interested in seeing their whole range of products, you can check out their official site, it's in korean. i wanted to link the individual items here but their website are done in such a way that i can't do that. :( sorry girls.

ETUDE HOUSE_______________________________________________________________

precious mineral any cushion W13 natural beige | look at my eyes cafe be102, br402, pk004 | look at my eyes br401, br402, or205

unboxed: precious mineral any cushion W13 natural beige | look at my eyes cafe be102, br402, pk004 | look at my eyes br401, br402, or205

PRECIOUS MINERAL ANY CUSHION W13__________________________________________

i haven't opened the cushion bb yet, i'm saving it for a first impression. i got it in W13 natural beige, it's just a tad darker than the light beige (which would make me look like a white ghost). it comes with spf 50, and pa+++.

price: 18000 won
size: 15g

etude house official site

LOOK AT MY EYES CAFE & LOOK AT MY EYES__________________________________

top row: look at my eyes cafe // be102 honey milk, br401 cafe latte, pk004
bottom row: look at my eyes // br401, br402, or205

left: look at my eyes cafe //  pk004, br401 cafe latte, be102 honey milk
look at my eyes //or205, br402, br401

WONDERFULLLLLLLLLLLLL EYESHADOWS! powder is buttery smooth, pigmented, and glides onto skin (without primer) smoothly. watch the video for the actual swatching, you can see that i only did one swipe for most (except for pk004, it seems to be a little less smooth than the rest). the metallic finish ones felt more velvety than the matte finish ones.

look at my eyes cafe // MATTE FINISH
pk004 - a deep purple that has a red undertone
br401 cafe latte - pinkish toned beige, perfect for blending out harsh edges
be102 honey milk - off white shade, good as a base or highlighting

look at my eyes // METALLIC FINISH (with some glitter)
or205 - metallic orange, what else can i describe? presence of glitter.
br402 - metallic copper, almost a foil finish.
- metallic gold, same finish as br402.

price: 3500 won
size: 2g

etude house site for look at my eyes cafe (matte)
etude house site for look at my eyes (metallic)

hope you all found this useful! :D
let me know if you guys like my haul videos and what would you like for me to include in my videos!


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