Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"No MakeUp" MakeUp Look

here is my take on the "no make up" make up look. the previous time i attempted something so light (the chun song yi make up.. which i will not link because it's pretty fail.....) i thought i didn't suit such light make up. this time round i learnt my lesson and tried to correct those mistakes.

the essence of no make up make up is simple: no obvious eyeliner and no shocking lip colour. the cheeks should look like it's glowing from within your skin. there shouldn't be an obvious boundary between the different layers of products. everything should blend into one seamless finish to make your skin look a little more refreshed and healthy looking.

click on image to enlarge!

the keypoints are summarized above! these are the goals we try to achieve in this tutorial. i'm lucky to be born with a relatively problem free skin, so i can get away with some slight covering. if you have more perceived flaws that you'll like to perfect, please do so before the foundation step. also, i think i'm the only one who uses a foundation as a brightener. it helps with reducing the amount of products i need (instead of using another brightener on top of the foundation, i might as well brighten in my very first step).

it is important to cover ever so slightly to retain some of it so that it looks more natural. we're not going for a full coverage flawless face here.

they say the eye is the window to your souls, it can't be more true. so.. how do i make it look more awake without the usual stuff i do?

watch the video tutorial here!

PRODUCTS USED____________________________________________________________

from left to right, clockwise:
1. revlon colorstay foundation (200 nude)
2. revlon just bitten balm stain (045 romantic)
3. revlon nearly naked (020 light pale)
4. smith's strawberry lip balm
5. maybelline lashionista mascara (black)
6. maybelline masterliner creamy pencil (BR-1)
7. kate designing eyebrow N (EX-4)
8. sonia kashuk hidden agenda concealer palette (07)


left to right:
1. generic foundation brush
2. elf studio complexion brush
3. kate eyeliner brush (cut into an angled brush for eyebrow)


1. ellefar nose highlight powder (used as pearly eyeshadow)


for those of you who don't have the time to watch the video!

click on image to enlarge!

click on image to enlarge!

the foundation helps to blend out any edges around the cheeks and will integrate together with the blush to form one uniform surface. this will make the blush look much more natural.

click on image to enlarge!

click on image to enlarge!

click on image to enlarge!

click on image to enlarge!

click on image to enlarge!

FINISHED LOOK____________________________________________________________

natural looking lashes - CHECKED!
soft and defined eyebrow - CHECKED!
"my own blush" - CHECKED!
no visible eyeliner - CHECKED!

bright and healthy looking skin - CHECKED!
natural glow on cheeks - CHECKED!
translucent and healthy lips - CHECKED!

hope you like the look and find this sharing useful!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush 32 Ambre D'or
Bourjoise Little Round Pot Blush 32 Ambre D'or (Swatch and Review)

i've been eyeing the little round pot blush for a while, and when it went on sale i finally picked it up after standing at the counter for half an hour deciding which colour i really wanted. at the time, i was looking for a face product with sheen/pearlescent glow to it because i wanted my face to glow. at the counter, the tester has hardened (baked products tend to do this?), when i swatched it all i got was a wash of gold shimmer and a slight tinge of orange.

i picked it up, went home.. and to my horror.. it's bloody pigmented. but i didn't regret buying this, because a pigmented product is a versatile product when used appropriately.

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush 32 Ambre D'or
it comes with a brush (made of goat hair). i think is more suitable for the body as it feels kinda scratchy on my face.

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush 32 Ambre D'or

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush 32 Ambre D'or

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush 32 Ambre D'or
in the pan, it looks like a slightly reddish orange, but not red enough to be called a coral.

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush 32 Ambre D'or
concentrated swatch on the left, blended out on the right.

when applied on the hand, the colour appears to be very saturated reddish-orange. this must be applied with a light hand or it's easy to get too much colour onto my face. there are obvious gold shimmers in the product.

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush 32 Ambre D'or
seen from three different angles to show the sheen and finish.

the colour is super saturated, but when applied lightly it looks extemely natural on the face. coupled with the gold shimmer, it did allow me to create a glowly look.

when the product is fresh, the powder is very soft - so soft that too much products gets transferred to the brush. however, it hardens after sometime and i'll end up with nothing no matter how hard i swirl my brush around the blush. i'll then break out either a piece of tissue paper (to wipe the surface gently) or to use an old toothbrush to break the hardened parts.

i love this blush for its colour and finish, it's something that i've never seen before in other blushes. however, there's a very strong rose scent to the product and it takes some getting used to. other than that, i also wished that the product didn't harden. although i can remedy that, it poses as a slight inconvenience.

i bought this for SGD$16 in metro.


Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush 32 Ambre D'or

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush 32 Ambre D'or

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush 32 Ambre D'or
park sora look: applied heavily on top of canmake's cream cheek. also used as an eyeshadow!

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush 32 Ambre D'or  media cheek color or-1
comparison with media or-1.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede 025 Socialite
Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede 025 Socialite

revlon is taking over my lipstick stash. the revlon colorstay ultimate suede lipsticks claims to be a moisturizing and long wearing formula (16 hours!). formulated with moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and aloe, it's supposed to keep my lips moisturized AND makes sure the colour stays on for the entire day! it's supposed to have a velvet finish, not matte nor shiny, but a velvet.

a claim is but a claim.

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede 025 Socialite

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede 025 Socialite Swatch
one swipe on the left, 2-3 swipes on the right.

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede 025 Socialite Swatch

025 socialite is a very beautiful warm rose pink with a subtle hint of gold shiimmers (that is quite invisible on the lips). it applies VERY SMOOTHLY, you know how some lipsticks will tug your lips when you apply? this lipstick does not tug my lips at all! it deposits just the right amount of product on my lips, and it applies very evenly. 

the finish is velvety - i'll try my best to describe this - it has a slight plastic-ky sheen to it that makes it look smooth.

the lipstick is slightly scented with a faint sweet smelling floral scent.

as to the wear, after it sets, it doesn't transfer at all (for the first few hours). 

there are only 3 things i love about this lipstick. the colour, it's initial application, and the initial consistency. i love the way it melts onto my lips the first time the bullet touched my lips. i also love the way it deposits just the right amount of product to colour my lips evenly. immediately after application, my lips are moisturized and feels pretty good.

i'm not sure if it's the formula for this colour that makes it the way it is - after the lipstick sets, my lips feels sticky. moments after it sets, the product starts to gather around my lip lines, such that when i smile, my lip lines appears to have no product on them! and when i do a lip smack, the product will stick to each other - those from my bottom lip get transferred to my upper lips. i have to be mindful not to smack my lips when i wear this lipstick, which isn't a problem. the worse is when i eat - some of the product comes off unevenly and what's left is a patchy lip. the worst is.. those that stay on my lips will not budge when i try to remove them so i can reapply this lipstick. it's disappointing that the product's staying power is not constant.

anyway, i have found a way to remove this lipstick most efficiently, that is to applying vaseline and let sit for a while before wiping it off with a tissue.

i tried wearing this lipstick for the entire day without touching it up, i realize i hate the feeling at the end of the day as it feels like a piece of plastic encasing my lips. i guess this is how long wear formula feels like? i didn't feel that it was any more moisturizing than the usual lipsticks that i own.

i wish the formula didn't set. i wouldn't mind it being a normal wear lipstick at all as i would prefer touching up anyway because i need that moisture on my lips. even though i don't like the feeling of it on my lips, i still wear this once in a while because i really love the colour.

i got this in the DFS for hkd$78.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

etude house any cushion review
Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion First Impression Review

here comes my first bb cushion. i know i'm very late into the game because i couldn't justify buying yet another foundation when i already have an existing bb cream to finish. my mentality back then was different - bb cushions are a waste of product (since the cushion will hold on to the last drops of the product) and a waste of my money (because i still haven't finished my bb cream yet).

i changed my mind after i studied more about the product. i realized what the bb cushion offers is unlike any other bb creams that i used to know of. it's designed to help make the application more even, to speed up the makeup process, and to allow for easy touch up on the go (mind you, we're talking about a liquid product here! it's a revolution from the pressed powder era!).

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! i want to try it out if it's really that convenient. since i'm on a budget, i chose the etude house precious mineral any cushion as it's one of the more affordable ones as compared to laneige, hera, and iope. plus etude house's precious mineral bb cream was so raved about, this thing should be pretty good too, right?

let's see.


etude house precious mineral any cushion
the bb cushion comes in a round pact that reminds me of a macaron. the pearlescent cover added about 40 points to the sweet packaging.

etude house precious mineral any cushion
the pact is slightly bulky because it contains the cushion and the puff! the puff is designed to be non-absorbent, and the patting motion helps to create a flawless finish (it made my skin look buffed. BUT please smoothen out your skin with a primer if you have larger pores! it'll make a world of a difference!)

PRODUCT INFO=========================================================

etude house precious mineral any cushion
i got it in W13, natural beige. i mentioned in the video that they only have 3 colours for this product. this is the middle shade.

it comes with SPF50 and PA+++.

this product claims to brighten, reduce wrinkle, control sebum, and offer you a flawless finish.

the ingredients list are on the right. i'll list out the things that stood out from the rest to serve its stated purpose.
brightening: zinc oxide, titanium oxide (both are sunscreen which give you the white cast), niacinamide
wrinkle reducing: niacinamide, adenosine
hydration: sodium hyaluronate

for 18000won, i got 15g worth of product. refills go for 10000won.


etude house precious mineral any cushion W13
W13 natural beige, in the cushion.

etude house precious mineral any cushion W13 swatch
W13 natural beige, on the back of my hand. blended out with the puff on the right.

FIRST IMPRESSION====================================================

a few plus points first!

1. easy and quick makeup application
you don't need any extra tools or skills, all you need is your fingers in the puff and pat away to get the most beautiful finish and glow. the good thing about cushion on cushion (or puff on cushion) application is that it allows for a very even distribution of product thanks to the larger surface area of contact between the puff and the product. it is unlike the traditional bb cream or foundation where you have a concentrated source of product (which you have to spread it out on the back of your hand before applying to your face to help with the evenness). fuss free, fool proof, and very beginner friendly.

2. touch up on the go
this pact was designed to be carried around without worrying about getting the liquid product everywhere. it's indeed a new innovation as most ladies touch up with pressed powder. i don't remember seeing anyone touch up with a liquid product before. definitely another plus point for ladies on the go. but that also means that this makeup probably isn't very long lasting huh, since it was designed for touching up???? HMMM.

3. affordable price
very affordable as compared to the other cushions in the market! this cost 18000won in korea, and you can probably find it online for around the same price (exclusive of shipping) if you know where to look.

4. flawless and dewy finish
i am totally in love with the flawless finish. they weren't kidding! i think the puff deserves some love when it comes to this. the rubber surface did some magic to the product, giving me a buffed out look even though all i did was to pat. and look at that dewy glow!

etude house precious mineral any cushion
full makeup done without powdering my face. only had blusher and some shading powder along the hair line.

on to the parts that it can improve upon!

1. not as sweat resistant
to be fair, it was never touted to be a sweat resistant nor a long wear product. i wish it's more summer proof because i'm in singapore and there's no way i can escape heat and sweat. i'll have to face it: dewy finish makeup is good for photo taking and indoor only. the product transfers slightly when i blot off my sweat with a piece of tissue paper.

2. overly strong scent
the scent did smell good at first, but it got to me after 4 hours of constantly smelling a whiff of it. korean products are usually scented, this is just too much for my liking.

3. limited colour selection
they have 3 colours for you to choose from, super fair, fair, and not so fair. hahaha they do have product names for it but i thought my description of the names would give you a better idea. of course, 3 colour choices are a vast improvement from the original one-colour-fit-all bb cream, but it's very asian oriented. as with all other bb creams, this will not suit those with slightly darker skin tones because of the white cast, which will make you look ashy. if you have the typical asian skin, then you don't have to worry too much about the colours. i think you don't even have to bother about matching it your skin colour because the product will sheer itself out eventually to match your skin. all you end up with is the white cast which will brighten your face.

4. what's with the white cast!?
even though it fades with time, the initial application scared me. honestly speaking, i bet it's mostly due to the physical sunscreen. hopefully i get more used to the amount i use for my face so that i don't turn into a ghost again in the future.

5. the product may oxidize throughout the day
my forehead (far away from where i applied the shading powder) turned darker with time but the center of my face remains relatively bright. i may have gotten some of the products off my face when i blot off my sweat. or the part on my forehead just oxidized more due to more oils being produced there? i don't know. just stating a possibility based on the colour change i observed.

there's one point which makes me sit on the fence.

1. sebum control
i forgot to mention this in the video as i was too taken away by the other points. also, i didn't really pay attention to the oil control part as i was perspiring too much to take notice. the heat makes me produce oil and sweat. however, my skin appears semi matte towards the end of the day. i did blot off my sweat with tissue, i'm not sure if it took away the oils too? i'll have to try it out a few more times before arriving at a conclusion for this.

FULL FACE MAKEUP=====================================================

etude house precious mineral any cushion W13

products used:

etude house precious mineral any cushion
foundation: etude house precious mineral any cushion (W13 natural beige)
shading powder: nature republic shine blossom blusher (05 shading beige)
blusher: bourjois little round pot blusher (32 ambre d'or)
eyeshadow: etude house look at my eyes cafe (L-R: BR401 cafe latte, BE102 honey milk)
eyeliner: maybelline masterliner (BR-1)
mascara: maybelline the falsies mascara (black)
lipstick: nature republic botanical lipstick 04 berry peach

IN A NUTSHELL===========================================================

i'm liking this product so far. i wish the staying power is as lasting as the fragrance.. this product does come across as very convenient and time saving, but i seriously don't recommend you patting this all over your face and use this as your sunscreen because that white cast is very terrible. wear a separate sunscreen (with lesser/no white cast) beneath this if you don't mind the hassle. i do that personally because the white cast from the bb cushion will enlarge my already not-so-tiny face.

may not be the best product if you're prone to perspiring like me. powdering may help, but will also take away some of the dewiness it imparts.

other than that, i foresee myself trying more cushion products! now i just have to pray for a long wear formula that is good for hot weathers.

have you tried any bb cushions before? what are you experience with them?


Monday, July 21, 2014

Maybelline Volum express cat eyes heroine make volume curl
Maybelline Volum'Express Cat Eyes VS Heroine Make Volume&Curl

out of my mascara stash, there are two mascara that are both waterproof and volumnizing. i compare them below.

Maybelline Volum express cat eyes heroine make volume curl
i'm pitting the maybelline volum'express hypercurl cat eyes mascara waterproof against the heroine make volume and curl mascara.

Maybelline Volum express cat eyes heroine make volume curl

let's talk about the similarities first.
1. both holds up curls VERY WELL, long lasting and budge proof.
2. both are volumnizing and adds some thickness to my really thin lashes. i feel that both have similar volumnizing power to me.

and on to the differences.
1. heroine make has a slight lengthening effect while the maybelline doesn't (even when it's fresh it doesn't lengthen my lashes as well as heroine make).
2. heroine make separates the lashes better due to the brush design, giving me a more fanned out and one-by-one look.
3. maybelline is slightly easier to remove.

you can read my full review above, i've linked them :)


Friday, July 18, 2014

White Formula Extreme Hyaluronic Acid Essence
White Formula Extreme Hyaluronic Acid Essence First Impression

my first essence! i've been eyeing one for a while, this seems to fit my needs and budget well, so i purchased it after seeing pretty good reviews on urcosme, the taiwanese peer review site for beauty products.

white formula is a taiwanese brand, i think it's pretty new in town, for they have just reached the singaporean shore a few months ago. i got this from hong kong because just 6 months ago, it wasn't in singapore yet.

this is purely for hydrating and moisturizing - packed with hyaluronic acid. read on.

White Formula Extreme Hyaluronic Acid Essence

on the back the product description.
let me do some translation!

"complete hydration - the ultimate and improved version. get hydration in just one drop thanks to the high density hydration delivery technology.

the high density water delivery techonology couple concentrated hyaluronic acid allows for the instantaneous release of moisturizing factors. with 4 patented beefed up hyaluronic acids, it is able to penetrate the skin to supply strong and long lasting effects of moisture induction, moisture replenishment, and moisture retainment. you just need one drop for perfect hydration.

- high technology moisture induction hyaluronic acid SYN-HYCAN, aims to inject dry skin with water, works in synergy with collagen.

- low molecular weight hyalurnoic acid Hyalo-Oligo, able to penetrate deep into the skin, allows the skin to be hydrated inside out.

- high density water retaining hyaluronic acid Sodium Hyaluronate, forms a strong net to keep the water in.

- concentrated hyaluronic acid Hyaloveil-P, powerful moisturizing capabilities, constantly supplies the skin with hydration."

White Formula Extreme Hyaluronic Acid Essence Ingredients
ingriedients list.
even though it's a taiwanese brand, it's made in korea!

it comes with suggested usage instructions:

suitable for extremely dry, dehydrated, and sensitive skin.
use it twice a day, morning and night. after cleansing your face, take an appropriate amount of the essence and gently massage it into the face and neck.

White Formula Extreme Hyaluronic Acid Essence
pump dispenser.

White Formula Extreme Hyaluronic Acid Essence
i really like the blue bottle, looks pleasing and relaxing to my eyes! there are also simple instructions (same as the one on the box) at the back of the bottle.

White Formula Extreme Hyaluronic Acid Essence

it's slightly more viscous than the whitening lotion.

White Formula Extreme Hyaluronic Acid Essence

similar to the whitening lotion this is extremely slippery, and there is a slight stickiness to it, when i apply it on my face and pat it with my palms, it will resist me from pulling it away from my face (as with all other products containing hyaluronic acid).


texture: slightly viscous, very slippery, spreads easily and absorbed quickly.
after-feel: a slight adhesive feeling, skin feels soft and hydrated.
fragrance: no fragrance. in fact, there's a chemical smell to it because they didn't add any fragrance to cover it up.


i've only started using it recently, so i can't give too much comments yet. as far as the texture goes, i kinda like it. the slippery feel makes me think of the snail mucin products (even though i've never tried it, but i've linked slippery-ness to moisture retaining effects). the scent is a little turn off because the chemical scent is quite apparent, and the thought of slathering chemicals on my face isn't that appetizing at all. nonetheless, it is a very hydrating product and i can get away with it as my creams at night, perhaps even in the day. but that sticky feeling is something i try to avoid during day time because i need it to be compatible with my make up (meaning, my face should feel hydrate and smooth, not hydrated and slightly sticky, which may result in uneven application of my powders!).

full review will be up in at least 2 months time for me to observe any differences.

my gf picked this up from HK for HKD$110.
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