Monday, June 1, 2015

My Recent Updates

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This entry is about me, written for those of you who care.

first off, thank you for clicking into this entry. i thank you because you care about me, and is concerned about my life.

if you read my blog solely without visiting my youtube or instagram, you may wonder why there aren't any cosmetics/skin care reviews or swatches as of late.

i'm still dealing with my eczema flare that went out of hands since last october, 2014. it got a lot better in late february 2015, i thought i'm done for good! but my happiness was short lived as my skin flared again in march 2015.

my eczema isn't normal, because i've been through years of topical steroid "abuse", my skin is more fragile than others. when i flared this time round, it was a full body event, mirroring what i been through during my topical steroid withdrawal days. normal eczema don't go to this extent!

the good news is, my skin will heal, and i'm healing albeit at a rather slow pace. this is what happens when natural healing takes place. the bad news? i won't be able to do any swatches or reviews in the near future even though i am dying to!!! i really miss putting on make up, dolling up, looking good and feeling good!

i'm taking things in my stride though! even though some moments really sucks life out of me so much so that i feel like giving up, i never actually gave up because my brain will somehow changes its perceptions to make myself feel better. i choose to see the positive side of things.

not being able to do makeup reviews and swatches forced me to find new topics to write and share. while it takes a lot more effort than before, i'm learning the ropes and i'm actually glad i have this chance to make a change. i hope you like the entries i'm sharing with you all because those are things that interest me personally.

i don't usually write about myself, but i just want you to know that i'm still alive, and healing :)

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