Sunday, July 3, 2011

mash-up review


even though it's been half a year already, but i still need more time to recover.

i'm not sure if my message over there at youtube was clear enough,
but i'll just write a little about my condition over here..

in fact, my eczema has gotten alot worse since february,
i can no longer put make up on my face because even the skin there is affected.
*mega sad*
that explains the lack of updates..
the only video i did for this year was filmed when i was on oral steroids (not the best thing to be consuming for a long period of time), so i still looked normal back then..
but once i'm off the medicine, things have gotten worse..

later on i found out that my worsening eczema is in fact a sign of me being addicted to topical steroids.
that seems to have explained the reason why my skin have been getting worse despite the constant efforts (non-steroidal) to improve it.

my skin is still in a shamble right now,
it'll take a long time for it to recover from steroid addiction!
so i can't really promise when will i be fit to start wearing make up (and making new tutorials) again!
i hope it's soon, because i really miss putting on make up.

ok, enough of my story that explains my disappearance..
i have some long over due reviews to do, and i decided to just do them all in this entry.

Maybelline Eye Studio Creamy Gel Liner (02 Brown)

i was using Kate's gel liner previously (it was my first gel liner!),
i really loved it but it has dried up over the years.
i think i've used that pot of gel liner for close to.. 2 or 3 years!
so when it's dried beyond recognition, i had no choice but to buy a new pot of gel liner.

my take on maybelline's gel liner:
1. it's really really creamy, but a little too soft for me.
2. this shade of brown is actually metallic brown, which i don't really like. i prefer the matte brown that kate gives me.
3. this gel liner sets pretty quickly, but it might still smudge throughout the day (especially when i use it on my lower lids, they'll be missing by the end of the day). it's not so bad on my upper lid since i layer eye shadow powder over them.. so it sort of sets it even better.

i like to use the brush that came along with it (it's quite a decent brush by the way!) to scoop out a little dollop of gel liner, screw the lid back on, and then place the dollop on to of the lid.
because the gel liner is so soft, i need a hard surface in order to work the gel liner into the brush before applying onto my eyes.

over all, this is a pretty decent gel liner for its price,
but i won't purchase it again.
i'm not sure if maybelline revamped their gel liner,
because the packaging of the current gel liner is different from the one i bought!
perhaps they did!
+ it's really creamy as it claims, and it's easy to work with for beginners
+ affordable (SGD16.50)
+ comes with eye liner brush which is pretty decent (quite similar to the one that comes with kate in my opinion)
- smudges if you use it alone without other products (primer, eye shadow)
- sometimes little bits dries up and falls into my eyes (maybe i went a little too heavy with the liner!)
- i didn't like the metallic sheen of the gel liner

Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

i was using maybelline's felt tip liner previously,
it has served me well, but it's time for a new liner!
what i like about this liner is it's super fine tip.. it helps me create the perfect wing at the end of my eyes.
the tip is like a paint brush, and it's very soft.
on one hand it makes drawing a line very easy (because you can apply force and bend the tip so that it touches your eyes), on the other, such precise control needs some practice!

color wise, it's a deep black but because the line is so fine,
i need to draw it again to get a solid black line most of the time.

it claims to be sweat/sebum proof,
i think that claim is quite true!
but it doesn't hold against tears!
when i try to line the inner corners of my eyes,
it actually gets washed away by my tears.

will i buy again?
maybe not, i want to try other liquid liners out there before i decide which is my holy grail liquid eye liner!

+ it's really sweat/sebum proof
+ fine tip allows you to draw precise fine lines
+ easy to remove
+ pretty affordable (HKD65)
- it's not tear proof
- needs some practice to harness the goodness of the fine tip

ZA Pure Shine Lips (RD-1 and BE-1)

i seldom wear lip color, but when i saw them on offer at watsons i thought that there's no harm in trying!
can't find photos of swatches, or any specific photos that showcases my lips when i wear them..
perhaps when i finally recover, i'll make up for the lack of photos. : )

anyway, both lip colors glides on smoothly, and leaves a sheen.
the color applies sheer, giving my lips just a tinge of its color.
both of the lipsticks are unscented, but i can smell a tiny (almost undetectable) whiff of the typical lipstick scent.

RD-1 is a very soft red, but upon application it simply made my lips look more glossy and just a little red.
i love BE-1, it helps me get that nude lips look, but as the color isn't intense, it just tones down my original lip color a little.
i tried wearing it with a concealer and it made me look very sickly.
so the usual wear without concealer works really well for me.

staying power wise.. i can't really tell.
when i'm outside, i eat and drink alot, so i guess i can't tell if they're not staying because of their lack of staying power or simply because i ate them all up!

will i buy again?
i wouldn't mind buying them again if they're on offer (i got them at SGD10) : P but for their original price (SGD17.50) i guess it's a nay.

+ really glossy and shiny, but doesn't leave you with that sticky feeling
+ color is light and subtle, looks natural on my lips
+ it's a good buy when it's on offer
- not too sure about staying power but i doubt it stays on my lips for too long even if i don't eat.
- glitter residue on my lips after a few hours

KATE Dual Blend Eyes (BK-2)

yea, every girl needs a simple palette like this to create that perfect smokey eyes.
you think the more (shades) the merrier?
what amazes me is that two shades is all i need to achieve a good gradation.
i think what matters the most to me when it comes to eye shadow is how well the colors payoff in terms of intensity, and i dare say this palette offers me just what i seek in a good eye shadow palette.

let me show you 2 looks i did with this palette.

for the first look, i applied the glittery black color onto the whole of my lids,
that's why you can see that my fold is complete black.
then i used the black color to shade the lower lids too, bringing it all the way to the inner corner of my eyes.
highlighted my inner corners just a little bit with the frost color.
its a very intense look.

a bit blurred but you can see that i've applied the dark color even on the whole of the lids.
usually i apply a lighter color on the inner half, and the darker color on the outer half.

a clearer photo that shows you the color.

for the second look, i went back to my usual rule, with the ligher color in the inner half of my lids and the darker color on the outer half.
for the lower lids, i only used the black color on the outer 2/3 of the lid, the inner 1/3 have been highlighted with the frost color.

i like both looks : )

so this palette is really blendable (as the name suggest), so you might want to be careful with potential smudging.
i think the key here is to blend out the colours so that they don't try to adhere onto any thing other than your eye lids.
the frost color is like a metallic silver color, while the black shade is filled with micro glitter (i love this color so much).

and if i ever touch pan on this palette,
i will definitely buy it again.

+ good color payoff
+ easy to work with
+ very blendable
+ it's affordable, and it's worth the penny (HKD82)
- MIGHT smudge because it's so blendable

so this is the end of my mash-up review on several items.
i hope i recover fast, because i can't wait to write again already!


  1. Get well soon girl!
    Your tutorials and reviews are amazing!
    You are such an enthusiastic blogger, can't wait for your next post!
    keep doing what you like~~ ^^

  2. sorry for the late reply! i just realized you commented!

    thanks sweetie, for appreciating my work and for your good words :)
    i can't wait to recover so that i can continue with all these!


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