Thursday, October 10, 2013

geo hurricane brown

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geo hc 104 hurricane brown
FINALLY, i'm getting back to writing about contact lenses, circle lens in particular.
this time it's the GEO HC-104, better known as the hurricane brown (or hurricane hazel? i might have remembered wrongly)
mine came with prescription.

i decided i'm not going to do full length reviews on contact lenses anymore,
instead, i'm going to share with you how it looks like and the makeup looks that I wear with the lens.
moreover, these lenses are NOT meant to be worn for more than 8 hours a day, i kept to the advise and didn't have any problems.
the occasional dry eyes when i'm a dry environment is relieved by eye drops.


geo hc 104 hurricane brown
the diameter of the lenses are 14.2mm, they are good enough for me as the opening of my eyes aren't that huge.
if i were to go for the 14.5mm or even larger lenses, i'm afraid i'll look like an alien with no more sclera (eye white).


geo hc 104 hurricane brown
the brown color actually diffuses into the centre of the lense, making it look more natural than the dolly lens (the angel browns) i used to wear.
i have to say i really like this pair of lens because it looks natural but still gives my eyes the pop that i want.


geo hc 104 hurricane brown
a full face shot to give you a perspective of how the proportions look like.

if you already have long eyes, good for you! because the roundness of the lens will compliment your long eyes very well.
if you have round eyes like me, it'll look more proportionate if we balance out the roundness of the lens by lengthening our eyes.
remember, we're trying to make things look proportionate at the end of the day.
even though people always try to go for the super big eye look, i think i don't suit that big and round eyes at all, it makes me look like.. a disfigured doll T.T

black liner

make up look 2

- brown eye shadow over lid
- thin black gel liner on top lash line only
- generous coats of mascara on top and bottom lash to open eyes up

i did away with lining my lower lash line because sometimes i feel that it actually opens my eyes a little more as compared to when i do line them.
why is this so?
when i don't frame my lower lash line,
the water line sort of become an extension of my eye whites,
making it look like my eyes are bigger.
you can judge for yourselves later ;)

brown liner

make up look 3

- brown eye shadow over lid
- brown gel liner on top lash line.
- tiny bit of left over brown gel liner on the outer third of the lower lash line, just a TINNNNYYYY bit will do.
- generous coats of mascara as usual.

i'd say the look is more natural and soft with the brown gel liner.
the black liner gives a very crisp look, whereas the brown sort of melds into the skin and became part of my eyes.
i think it's the sort of look that guys will like.
well.. i think.... :P

eyeliner variations

various looks
by switching up the way you draw your eye liner, you can achieve different looks with this pair of lens!

from top left in clockwise direction:
1. simple and sweet look with a thin black eyeliner on the top lash line.
2. seductive look with winged black eyeliner (that's thicker towards the end of the eye) on the upper lash line. the outer third of the bottom lash line is lined and extended to meet the top eyeliner.
3. innocent and doe eye look with a thin and long brown eyeliner on the upper lash line, soft lining really close to the lower lash line to retain part of the roundness of the eyes.
4. sweet and elegant look with a thin and straight (meaning it doesn't wing up) black eyeline on the upper lash line. soft lining of the outer third of the bottom lash line.


i want to highlight once again that i have round eyes, hence i try to make my eye look longer by extending my eyeliner.
it’s funny how we always go in opposite directions:
if you have round eyes, lengthen them. 
if you have almond eyes, make them rounder. 
i guess the grass is always greener on the other side! hahaha!
i must admit i love this pair of lens more than the angel brown lens, i'm into the more natural look these days..
you'll figure in the next contact lens post.. :P

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