Monday, October 21, 2013

MakeUpDiary M.U.D. #1 DUSTY PINK

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MakeUpDiary M.U.D. #1 DUSTY PINK

another series i'm starting so that i can keep track of the make up looks i'm doing!
i find myself looking back at my photos and wonder how i did that particular look. blame my bad memory!!!
so this is actually a good way for me to document it so i can easily recreate it if i feel like it.

this is slightly different from the GetTheLook series.
that series is done with a reference makeup look in mind.
M.U.D. is to purely document the looks and products used.

i named this look dusty pink because it's a mixture of pink and grey, the perfect colour combination in my opinon :P
this particular entry will focus more on the eyes and face only.

because of the way i winged my eyeliner, it gave me such a kitty cat look, i thought that the pink color softened the otherwise strong eyeliner look, making me look like a cute kitty instead of a cool (and unapproachable) kitty.

MEOW. hope you like the look.

dusty pink 1


products used
1. kanebo media cheek colour A OR-1
2. kanebo kate dual blending eyes BK-2
3. maybelline hyper diamond shadow OR-1
4. canmake highlighter 05

maybelline hyper diamond PK-1

kate dual blending eyes BK-2

eyelid map
1. apply A all over lid.
2. apply B on the inner half.
3. then apply C. blend towards the borders of B.
4. D is the last to get on. blend towards C.
+ fuzzy line denotes blending required.
+ black eye shadow D was applied lightly only.

lashline map
+ i also tightlined the lower lash line with left over gel liner after lining my upper lashline.

dusty pink 2
+ a light tinge of pink showing through the outer third of the eyes.

dusty pink 3

dusty pink 4

it's not that visible from this photo, but the green lens sort of brought out the pinkness in the eyeshadow!

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