Sunday, November 15, 2015


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Have you been to a fashion show before? Me neither!

i was invited by stylehaul to attend the DIGITAL FASHION WEEK 2015,
happening over the last week of october 2015 at capitol theatre.


it's my first show and i do not know what to expect, at all.
i was actually kinda worried i'm over dressed because i was decked out in clothes i don't usually wear (my cousin gifted me a skirt that i wouldn't have bought if i saw it on my own), but once i'm there i feel a lot more at ease because there are others who're wearing more outrageous outfits than me.

there are times when i find the show to be extremely funny,
especially when the female models drifted across me like a ghost.
(oops, sorry!)

if i were to talk about 3 highlights of the show that weekend, it'd be this three:

1) the awesome acoustic band that played music during the first show
2) getting to meet awesome ladies who were also invited by stylehaul
3) the hot and cute male models in the CYC show.

i am kind enough to share the uncut video of the CYC show :) it brings a smile to my face whenever that clip plays as i'm double checking the entire video. hehehe!

to be honest, i was too busy enjoying the moment than to capture more footage on camera.
what happens at the DFW, stays at DFW :P

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