Saturday, February 22, 2014

MakeUpDiary M.U.D. #7 INU/NEKO

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MakeUpDiary M.U.D. #7 INU/NEKO

i was experimenting with different eye looks one night,
i didn't actually wear this out as-is because.. you'll see :P

inu and neko is japanese for dog and cat respectively.
i was trying to do an innocent puppy eye AND a sexy cat eye, both at the same time.
thank god for giving me 2 eyes so i can have one for each experiment :P


there's just no way i can go out with two different eye makeup!


product used
1. kate diamond cut eyes BK-1
2. nature republic by flower triple volume tint 05 peony
3. maybelline eye studio gel liner black
4. maybelline hyper diamond eyeshadow PK-1


i tried the look with 2 different palettes,
the color map is based on the maybelline palette,
but the final look is based on the kate palette.

maybelline hyper diamond PK-1
maybelline hyperdiamond eyeshadow PK-1

kate diamond cut eyes BK-1
kate diamond eyes eyeshadow BK-1
shade B will replace both shade B and C in the maybelline palette.


/// INU STYLE ///

eyelid map
1. apply C all over lid.
2. take some of A and start shading from the outer 3rd, bringing it towards the centre and blend in with the peach shade.
3. with the remaining dark purple still on the brush, dab a little on the inner corner of the eye to make the crease more prominent.

lower lashline map
1. apply A on the inner half of the lower lash line.
2. apply D on the outer half, blending it outwards to get the droopy eye effect.

eyeliner map
1. apply eye liner close to upper lash line, do not extend, instead, make a < shape and bring it down to the lower lash line.

/// NEKO STYLE ///

eyelid map
1. apply C all over lid.
2. apply A on the crease and blend inward.
3. apply B to highlight the centre of the eyelids to give it more dimension.

 lower lashline map
1. apply B on the inner corner and inner half of lower lash line.
2. apply A on the outer corner, close to lash line.

 eyeliner map
1. classic winged eyeliner.


inu/neko 2

inu/neko 3
so which do you prefer, puppy eyes or cat eyes?

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