Saturday, May 7, 2016

Something close to my heart

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Dedicated to the wonderful women in our lives.

I've thought long and hard about what entry to pen this week,
before I know it's already Saturday.
That means it's Mother's day tomorrow.

Initially I wanted to scour the internet for actual gifts that one can buy for our mothers,
but then I asked myself: do these actually mean anything to her at all?

It's nice to splurge on the most important lady who have given us life,
especially a little something that she would have never gotten herself because she would rather spend that same amount of money on you.
Yes, that's what parents always do - they scrimp on themselves and splurge on their little ones.

But is it necessarily the gift that actually show your appreciation for her?
I've seen a dozen gift idea articles in different magazines, and NONE of them mean a thing to me,
because I know my mother doesn't need any of those.
It's not even what she wants!

Why would you get someone something he/she doesn't want?

So I said, "screw writing about gift ideas!".
I will share an idea that means more than a pretentious list of consumer goods.
I'm not paid to mention any products anyway hahaha!

If there is one thing I am rather certain of, it's the fact that your mother loves you.
The kind of unconditional love that allowed us to flourish.
But no matter how unconditional her love is, being appreciated for all she has done for us is always welcomed.

As a kid, I was a nasty little brat.
I say mean things without really considering the consequences,
I had no regard for others' feelings,
I just didn't care.

I've said too many hurtful stuff (unintentionally) to my mother,
but she loved me nonetheless.
She was there for me when I was at my lowest point of my life,
she trusted me, took care of me, and nurtured me back to health with her kindness, patience and love.
That's when I realized the value of suffering - it helped me see just how great she is.

Not everyone is awake to how much sacrifices our parents made for us,
so my gift idea to you, is to turn your attention to those sacrifices.

Only then can you really appreciate the true greatness of this woman in your life.

It pains me when I start counting all the things she did for me.
But her sacrifices only strengthened my love for her.

I hugged my mom, tears in my eyes,
telling her I'm sorry for all the hurtful things I've ever said,
and thanked her for all the things she have done for me.
And that I love her.

She started sniffing, and used her warm embrace to replace any word she has to say.
Maybe she don't know what to say,
but that's okay, because I know what she meant.

I love you too.

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