Thursday, September 17, 2015


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I'm coming back..? Am I?

before i add on, please watch the video below! i did try to explain!

done with the video? it's a short one, i tried my best to summarize everything so that i won't bore you guys with too much details.

i guess i just wanna add on to my video here in my blog entry (as i always do) because i did forget to mention some stuff while recording. it's funny how it still happens despite running through what i want to say three time before i actually recorded.

the thing is, my skin is still healing after 6 months of gradual and progressive improvement. it's going to be a long haul process. i've already tried many different things, some of which include a change in my lifestyle to try to aid my recovery. i've learnt how to use my body after reading some more books that shed light in a different perspective, so i'm trying them out now!

my current condition is really much better than it was half a year ago. and i think it'll get increasingly good with time. sometimes they look a little worse, but they resolve themselves quickly, so please don't be alarmed when you see red blotches on my skin in videos!

regarding my video schedule, i'll try my best to come up with a video weekly. that's my original schedule prior to the hiatus, so i'll try to get back to it! but in the event of shit happening again, i might take another break. let's pray hard that it doesn't happen, okay? thanks angels :)

if you've only read my blog and not seen any of my youtube videos at all, you might not even know i've taken a break because of my skin! that's okay! because i've tried my very best to continue running my blog independently. i'll continue to blog, hopefully i get more reviews coming now that i can use some products again!

looking forward to more peaceful times so i can keep creating content that you all like!

thanks for the support and encouragements once more!


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