Sunday, January 17, 2016


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Stuff that gets me through difficult times

even the strongest person will feel down once in a while,
it's all part of life, a cycle,
just like the tidal waves.

sometimes, all i need is to pick myself up because it's all in the mind.
if i can get past a little hurdle, i can achieve so much more.
i really believe in the power of our minds because it's our perception that defines our reality.
making myself feel better is the first step to a better reality,
because a good mood paints everything in a lighter (and happier) note.


  1. MAYBELLINE masterliner (BLACK)
  2. DOLLYWINK liquid liner (DEEP BLACK)
  3. DOLLYWINK long mascara
  4. KATE designing eyebrow N (EX-4)
  5. PANASONIC heated lash curler EH2300
  6. REVLON colorstay moisture stain (005 parisian passion)

it took me a while to come to this decision of taking a pause from making makeup videos.
i never expected something i love doing to stress me out, not because i don't like doing it anymore,
but because I CAN'T.

my skin has been unstable lately, and pushing myself to do something i can't is stressing me out.
and the more i pine about doing make up in this state,
the worse i felt.

i figured this isn't the feelings i need for my recovery,
so the best thing i can do for myself right now is to break this news to all of you so i can rest with a peace of mind.
my health is my asset, and i need it to create more value in the future,
so it's my priority to nurture it right now.
it's all for the good in the long run, even though it pains me to stop making things for all of you.

thank you so much for understanding and supporting,
i truly hope this is the last time i need to take a break due to health issues.
i'm back to herbs that have worked for me before, so i'm pretty sure this time round things will be more promising than before.

i just need time!

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