Monday, May 18, 2015

Why We Adore Circle Lens (According To Science)

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For the curious mind, like myself.

circle lens, some people hate it, some embrace it. i'm leaning towards the "embrace it" side, but only if the size of the lens doesn't exceed 14.2mm. anything beyond that and i begin to look like an alien.

if you never quite understood the circle lens craze in asia, there is scientific evidence to show that circle lens do make a person appear more attractive. from the article "what's in a face" written by jena pincott, the author puts it succintly into two paragraphs.

"The pupils advertise desire. Women's dilate more widely during the hormone surge before ovulation and when looking at attractive men, and men find large-pupiled women more attractive without knowing why. Women prefer men with medium-sized pupils. There are two exceptions: women who are ovulating and those who prefer a "bad boy." They both like big pupils.
An equally subtle cue is the eye's limbal ring, the black circle that separates the colored iris from the white sclera. When people judge a pair of faces, one with limbal rings and the other without, they strongly prefer the former even though they can't consciously detect a difference. The limbal ring, which shrinks with age, is a signal of youth and health—desirable qualities, reproductively speaking."

not only does the pupil size matter, but so does the limbal ring! if the above excerpt was too long for you, the takeaway here is that men find large pupils and the rpesence of a limbal ring more attractive, even thoguh they don't know why.

so here we have it, if you want to look more attractive, circle lenses is the way to go! the empty spot in the centre gives the illusion of a larger pupil, while the limbal ring around the circumference makes you look more youthful. just make sure to do it subtly and proportionately. monsterously sized circle lenses will only scream "my eyes are not normal!" to the guys.

below are a few circle lens (and coloured lens) i've worn in the past. click on image to see review and more photos in their individual entry.

GEO tri color gray, also known as world gray.

GEO angel brown.

GEO tri color green, or world green.

GEO hurricane brown.

GEO tri color brown, or world brown.

GEO princess mimi sesame gray.

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