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[GTL] Girls Generation Mr. Mr. MV - Tiffany and Yoona's Makeup Look

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have you watched girls generation's come back video, mr. mr.?
i think it upholds all their past standards in terms of the entire production, the theme, as well as the dance sequence!
the entire video seems to be a pink barbie kinda theme to me,
with very classic pin up looks for some of them, while very typical and bold korean looks for others.
this time i take up the challenge to create two of their looks :)



tiffany has a classic pin up look, oh god i love this look so much.
i hope someone can do my hair for me :P

1. thick, strong and short eyebrow
2. classy black winged eye liner that lifts and elongates her eyes
3. volumous lower lashes with no obvious lower eye liner
3. deep red lips that has clear borders
4. that beauty mark..!!!!!


yoona wears the bolder look that is very typical of korean makeup, as they often line the entire eyes.

1. slightly thinner and longer eyebrows without too much arch
2. brown/gold eyeshadow that can be visible even with her eyes opened, can be achieved by applying the eyeshadow above the part where the eyelid folds
3. she definitely wore false lashes, it looks long in the centre and even longer at the end to give that fanned out look
4. lower eye line elongates the eyes, blended out with a darker eyeshadow
5. the angle of the wing is not as wide as tiffany's, this looks more horizontal
6. berry shade for the lips in full opacity


these are all of the products i've used to create this 2 looks!


1. koji white fix glue for eyelash
2. canmake highlighter 05
3. kate designing eyebrow N EX-4
4. l'oreal color riche lipstick P511 touch of amaranth
5. canmake eye nuance 13
6. lavshuca stick eye shadow (stick eye base)
7. maybelline volum'express cat eyes mascara water proof black
8. za pure shine lips RD1 rouge indulge (used as blusher)
9. revlon super lustrous matte lipstick 010 wine not
10. maybelline eye studio gel liner black

canmake eye nuance

kate designing eyebrows, used to draw my brows as well as to line the lower lash line for tiffany's volumous lower lashes look.

these are the lashes i wore for the look. they suited tiffany's look perfectly, but it is too natural for yoona's look.
i cut them into halves in the middle to create the demi lashes.

(additional eyeshadows)

5. canmake eye nuance 13
11. lavshuca melting eyes BR
12. kate dual blend eye shadow BK-2

lavshuca melting eyes (BRONZE) | kate dual blending eyes (BLACK) | canmake eye nuance (GOLD)
i used one shade from each palette to get her look!



1. apply the eyeshadow base over entire lid
2. apply vanilla shade from the canmake palette on top of the eyeshadow base to brighten it up

1. add some of D on to the lower lash line to add some shadows to the lashes, giving the illusion of fuller lower lashes


if you didn't watch the video, here's a pictorial representation of what took place.
1. use the eyeliner brush as a guide to decide on the angle of the wing
2. draw a guide line
3. draw another line to make a triangle, this will form the wing
4. fill in the triangle
5. complete the eye liner by bringing it into the inner corner
6. extend the inner corner downwards to further elongate the eyes


start by defining the boundaries of the brow.
1. draw a straight line that is slightly angled upwards
2. define the arche
3. define the upper limit to the brow
4. fill it in!




continuing with tiffany's eye make up,
1. apply the bronze shade A over the entire lid
2. add the black shade B onto the outer corners of the eye in this particular shape, blend it out around the centre of the lid
3. add a dollop of gold shade C onto the centre of the lid, make sure it's above the area where the eyelids fold.

use some of B to soften the eyeliner drawn on the lower lash line.


to get yoona's look, it's very important to
1. only line the water line for the inner half of the lower lid
2. line the lash line and eye lid on the outer half (around 1/3)
because this will elongate the eyes.
if you were to line the lash line and lower eye lid area for the inner half of the lid, the eyes will end up looking rounder.


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