Sunday, May 25, 2014

Skin Care Haul #1

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Skin Care Haul #1 from Hong Kong

it's just a mini haul when my friend went back to hong kong last year. this post is so overdue because i kept thinking of sharing the haul after i tried everything so that i can add in bits and pieces of my opinions on the items, but i realize i can always add them in after i shared this entry! and you get to know what products i'll be trying/are using currently too :D

1. white formula extreme hyaluronic acid essence (HKD$110)
for that extra boost of hydration. it's really cheap considering it's a serum. it's alcohol free, and i love using it so far! feels very moist as it's very slippery (almost like the snail mucin kinda slippery-ness). still testing it out!

2. white formula intense brightening laser toner with arbutin (HKD$88)
this toner received really good reviews in the taiwanese beauty review website, urcosme. didn't even think thrice (i always think twice ;P) before deciding on getting it because it's 88HKD for 290ml of products. holy cow!? that's a lot! still testing it. loving its hydratioin so far.

3. organic rose moisture cream (HKD$78)
haven't used it too, but i tried it on the back of my hand and it is a much richer type of gel based cream. love how it felt on my hand, can't wait to use it on my face. love that faint rose scent too.

4. organic rose skin conditioner (HKD$79)
haven't started using it yet, but i got it because it clams to serve as an astringent, and is able to return the skin to a silghtly acidic pH, as well as some hydration capabilities. sounds promising huh? supposed to be used before toners/lotions.

5. carmex soothing lip balm (?)
my friend threw this in as a gift for me. haha! i usually just use vaseline as my lip balm, so i'm quite curious how this will make my pout feel.

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