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Kate Colorcious Diamond BR-1: MakeUpDiary #11C Femme Fatale

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Kate Colorcious Diamond BR-1
MakeUpDiary #11C Femme Fatale Featuring Kate Colorcious Diamond BR-1

i saved the best for the last - my last look with colorcious diamond palette is called FEMME FATALE because i love how sexy this eye look makes me feel. that contrast of dark and shiny colours makes every batter of my eyes seem like i'm sending a morse code to my other secret agents who're aiding me in my mission. wanna feel sexy? this look is for you.

the main point of this look is the striking eyes and a seemingly pale face in contrast - well, it's not pale, it's just toned down so that it doesn't steal the spotlight away from the eyes. the face and lips were kept to a minimum - rosy and nudy shades were used. the face will have to depend on contours and highlights to make it stand out in harmony with the eyes.

to prepare your canvas for the makeup, you can refer to my base makeup steps (complete with pictorials and instructions).

watch the video here!

PRODUCTS USED____________________________________________________________

from left to right, clockwise:
1. maybelline eye studio gel liner (black)
2. canmake highlighter 05
3. maybelline volum'express hypercurl cat eyes mascara (black)
4. dollywink long mascara (black)
5. revlon just bitten balm stain 050 precious
6. za pure shine lips (RD-1)
7. kate colorcious diamond (BR-1)

COLOUR LEGEND___________________________________________________________

A: high light colour
B: shiny colour
C: medium shiny colour
D: medium colour
E: dark colour
(they have been swatched)

COLOUR MAP______________________________________________________________

1. apply A over entire lid.
2. apply D to the outer half of the lid and blend inwards.
3. apply E to darken the outer corner, blend well to smoke it out.
4. dab B onto the centre of the lid and blend out the sides.
5. dab C onto the centre and concentrate the product there.

1. apply E to the outer third of the lower lashline before and after lining the eyes.


i just love how the pictorials look, i couldn't stop making them.

for the brows, it's the same style as the previous tutorial.

click on image to enlarge!

click on image to enlarge!

(NOTE: for step 3 (the eyeliner step), ONLY line the waterline in part 4, this is very important because you want to make sure your inner half of the lower eyeline is only confined to the waterline, or you'll look like a racoon. racoons are not sexy. and in part 5 where you line the lash line, you can only do this for the outer third of the lower lash line for the same reason - racoons are not sexy!)

click on image to enlarge!

i also made an instagram version :D

click on image to enlarge!

FINISHED LOOK____________________________________________________________

hope you like the look! it's much darker and heavier than my usual looks (just look at the number of steps for the eye look this time round..), and it's very suitable for night time events. if you're hitting the club, make sure you use a waterproof foundation and you may want to prime your lids so that your makeup don't melt! i really love this look, it's so sexyyyyyyyyy!


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