Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015 Favourites of the year

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Time for a round down of products I've loved this year!

without further ado, let's talk about my favourite products of the year!
i've mentioned most of the important features in the video, so i'm just supplementing them with additional (but not necessarily important) thoughts about each product.



1. DOLLYWINK long mascara
nuff' said about my love for this. i feel as though i'm a broken record because i've repeated what i love about this mascara many times! click on the link above for the review and swatch! or you can see me compare it with the maybelline lashionista mascara in this entry.

2. KISS ME HEROINE MAKE smooth liquid liner
another crowd favourite as it's constantly among the top few on the @cosme ranking, so i'm not the only one who thinks this eyeliner is da bomb! this is the only eyeliner i can trust to not get melted or dissolved by my tears, what's more, it is removeable by warm water! any makeup that don't require a makeup remover is automatically on my list this year as i'm avoiding makeup removers (for my sensitive skin).

3. KATE designing eyebrow N (EX-4)
i got to mention this since it's the only brow product i have. but i must say, i kept using it because i like using it, not because i had no choice (i could have easily bought another one if i wanted to). me touching pan on this is the greatest proof of how much i like it. plus, i've already bought a back up as seen in my haul video recently :P

4. KATE colorcious diamond eyeshadow (BR-1)
sometimes i wonder if it's fair to my other eyeshadows because i just keep using this on many occasions. especially on days when i didn't have time to think of how i want to wear my eyeshadows, i just pick this up and go on my auto pilot mode. this just works for me all the time! the shimmery bling coupled with pigmented browns make this wearable on any occassion. maybe, i just love the shimmery shades too much. 

5. REVLON colorstay moisture stain (005 parisian passion)
hands down, my favourite lip product of the year. i've had enough from korean lip tints/stains because their watery formula made them stain my lips very unevenly. i had no such problem with the moisture stain! what's more, it's in my favourite dark purplish red shade. not a lot of drugstore brand offer this colour, so it's a double win for me.

6. REAL TECHNIQUES starter set + setting brush
i want to say i do not own too many brushes, but in actual fact, i do. having brushes from elf, real techniques, and sigma, i find myself using the real techniques brushes the most because they're easy to use and so multi functional. they're also made of synthetic fibers, so i don't need to worry about ruining them in case i wash them wrongly.

7. LIFE FLO pure rose hip seed oil
this thing is value for money! finally something that's nice and doesn't break your bank :) some people find the scent of it to be intolerable, but i quite like the nutty smell of the oil. it's amber in colour, but worry not, it won't leave you yellow faced. instead, what you get is moisturized and soft skin the next day.

because i can get the carrier oil for a low price, that means i can use this liberally over my body. works alright for me! if my skin is super dry, then this alone won't be enough obviously. but on my better skin, it keeps it moisturized for quite some time. and the scent is gentle and soothing, but doesn't linger for too long! if you're curious, i bought everything from iherb.

9. AVENE xerecalm lipid replenishing balm
BEST CREAM EVER. that's all i'm going to say. you got to try it to believe it.

i didn't notice i managed to cram 9 products into a 9 minute video, wow. the video could have been a lot longer, but i decided to cut out most of the crap!

what are you favourites for 2015? let me know!

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