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Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover (Review)

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Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover (Review)
Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover (Review)

eye makeup remover is a need for me because i use waterproof mascara. this makes it so easy to remove my eye makeup without tugging. there's no magic to this, you just have to press the cotton pad against your eyes and count to 10 before swiping it downward to bring everything away with it.

this is a bi-phase remover, similar to most eye makeup remover in the market. the oil-water mixture helps remove waterproof and non waterproof makeup at the same time! as there are surfactants in water based makeup remover which will strip away your oils, the oil in this mixture sort of help to replenish a little bit of it so that it doesn't leave your delicate eye area overly drying.

Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover (Review)
suggested usage instructions on the back of the bottle, but it's in japanese.
1. pour a sufficient amount on cotton pad
2. when removing mascara, press cotton pad against eye for a few seconds before swiping it off
3. remove contact lens before using
4. you can also use this for the lips and mouth area.

Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover (Review)
two-phases (water and oil)! it comes in a 145ml bottle.

Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover (Review)
as you need to shake the product before using, the most practical kind of bottle opening would be this.

my experience with it so far is rather pleasant. does the job well at removing my waterproof mascara. this is actually a little bit oily if you use it alone, but i always use the bifesta cleansing lotion to remove away that oily feeling afterwards anyway, saves me the hassle of washing my face with a cleanser :P (i still wash my face though, just that it's not immediately after i remove my eye makeup).

i like this eye makeup remover because it's affordable, and does what it is supposed to do. it fits my simple needs well - to remove waterproof eye makeup.

i can only compare this to the only eye makeup remover i've used before, which is the l'oreal gentle eye and lips makeup remover. that is also a bi-phase makeup remover. they have similar price points, and does the job equally well. one thing that the bifesta eye makeup remover can improve on is probably to decrease the stinging feeling when it gets into my eyes no matter how tight i try to shut my eyes. somehow it still manages to sneak in. it doesn't burn, but it's pretty unpleasant as that sensation stays for a while.

the pains we go through to look pretty.. haha!

1. affordable
2. efficient in removing eye makeup (especially waterproof mascara)

i will probably go back to the l'oreal makeup remover since they don't have much differences in terms of capabilities, but i know where to get it really cheap (SGD7!!!). :P much cheaper than the bifesta in singapore.

i purchased this for HKD$45.5 in HK watsons when it was having a 30% offer.

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