Sunday, August 3, 2014

SwatchSunday #3 - 1028 Visual Therapy Muse Eyeshadow 02 Essential Pink Swatches

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SwatchSunday #3 - 1028 Visual Therapy Muse Eyeshadow 02 Essential Pink

i was roaming watsons when i saw this eyeshadow palette with a lovely colour combination. here it is, the 1028 visual therapy muse eyeshadow in shade 02, essential pink.

they're new in singapore btw.

1028 Visual Therapy Muse Eyeshadow
it's a mixture of pink and browns.

1028 Visual Therapy Muse Eyeshadow
from top left, in clock wise motion:

base colour: it's a baby pink with a pearly finish
middle colour: brown with a tinge of reddish-undertone, close to rose gold. contains shimmery and has a metallic finish.
liner colour: a dark brown with a satin finish, also contains some micro shimmery.
highlight colour: a wash of huge shimmer and glitter.

the texture for the middle and liner colour is extremely soft and smooth. the two other colour felt a little harder.

does this entice you? too bad i already have my kate colorcious diamond (the rose gold and liner shade is very similar, the only difference are the two lighter shades). and i'm still learning to work with pastel shades, so i'm giving this a pass, for now, but not for long.


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